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Poor Eating and Weight Gain

In our hectic lifestyles in can be hard to eat healthy food. We may be pressed for time, too tired to cook a good meal, or it may just be laziness. While fast food and convenience food may be quick and might seem like the ideal alternative there are real consequences to eating this type of food day to day including weight gain.

Weight Gain and Unhealthy Food

If you have ever been to a fast food restaurant you know how good that type food can taste. A burger, fries, and soda can be very satisfying and leave you feeling full. The downside is that this type of food is full of salt, sugar, additives, and calories that don’t benefit our bodies very much. While you do get some nutrition from the beef the negatives far outweigh the positives. The main culprit in this type of meal is the high level of unwanted calories the meal contains. You are getting high calories at the expense of good nutrition which contributes to weight gain. If you made a burger at home, used a whole wheat-bun, lean beef, and extra vegetables on the burger you would have a better meal. Fries could be substituted for a salad with light dressing and a big glass of water. When you eat this food all the time your body can’t process all the extra calories and you get heavier.


Food that is high in salt, sugar and other additives can be addicting. No one can sit there and eat one potato chip you need to consume a large portion of them. The salt and flavoring on the chips make you want more. Your body gets used to this type of food and you begin to crave it. It might be ice cream due to the smooth creamy texture or candy or soda for sweetness. We crave the fat and taste in a burger and want to eat those meals and since we are addicted to this type of food we eat more than we should and gain weight.


Bad eating habits are not just our own fault they can be caused by media too. Every day we are bombarded by messages to eat different foods. Most advertisements on T.V. are not for healthy food but for unhealthy food. Unhealthy food is seen as more attractive to use by the common person. You never see an advertisement to eat apples or snack on carrots its pizza, cola or a new candy. These advertisements make us want to eat unhealthy food because we see them every day and the temptation is too great. An advertisement may promote a frozen meal and a person will see that as something to save time after work, the meal is purchased and unhealthy eating continues. So the media can contribute to our weight gain.

Bad eating habits can contribute to weight gain due to the high calorie content and lack of nutrition. This food has many additives that can lead to a person craving the food and eating more of it. Unhealthy food is a big part of the media and those types of advertisements can also push a person towards bad eating habits and ultimately weight gain, obesity, and poor health.