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Pole Dancing for Fitness

Pole dancing for fitness or pole fitness is a sport that seems to have exploded onto the fitness scene recently. Although many people associate pole dancing with strip clubs and the sex industry, pole fitness is by far removed from the seedy and seamy world of nude gyrating jiggling flesh and this healthy alternative workout. The lifts, turns, positions, and artistry of the sport are both representative of power and flexibility. There really is no comparison between pole dance for fitness and dancing in a club.

For the first thing, no clothing is coming off, women are not afraid to sweat for fear that they won’t get lap dancing tips, the lights are bright, and the room bristles with multiple poles secured to both floor and ceiling in rows. There is also a lot more concentration in pole fitness on the pole. This is not standing propped against the pole like some twinkie trying to look sexy. Pole fitness classes are intended as both an aerobic fitness workout and a strength training workout. The weight that you will learn to throw, lift, and balance both with one hand and two hands is your own.

Pole fitness will strengthen your core, your legs, arms, wrists, ankles, and every other muscle in your body. The more proficient you become with pole dancing moves and tricks the longer you will be able to hold the positions or elaborate on a trick by shifting your weight and your limbs through different balance positions. In pole fitness classes you will learn to trust your weight on the pole, to balance your body weight between the pole and your limbs, you will learn to suspend your body weight supported by the grip of one knee, ankle, hand, or even by the hold of one inner thigh while hanging suspended with all of your limbs extended, upside down!

This is a sport that challenges both men and women to find their inner artistic voice and to express it in this dazzling, and amazingly beautiful sport which is emerging into both mainstream and a serious competition sport which sometimes appears to test the boundaries of what is possible for the human body to do. Every muscle, limb, and sinew in your body will be stretched to the limits of their strength and flexibility. Grace, rhythm, body posture, and self confidence are all improved by participation in this activity at any level.

To see the kind of stretching, climbing, and strength moves that I am referring to you can simply visit a video sharing site such as youtube. Or you can search for the World Pole Dance Federation’s World Pole dance Championship films or clips using any search engine. You can also find clips and information by searching for the winner of the Word Pole Dance Championship Felix Cane, or the runner up and US Pole Dance Championship winner Jeanine Butterfly. These two champions embody the style, the strength, and the beauty of this intense emerging sport.

In seeking to draw in an wider audience of younger viewers, pole fitness has even been submitted to the Olympic Committee for consideration as a new gymnastic event as soon as the 2012 Olympics to be held in London, England. In order for pole dancing to become an Olympic sport it must be practiced by both men and women. People tend to think only of female fitness when they think of pole dancing for fitness, but I assure you there are world class male performers as well as female performers. They manage to display acrobatic skill, masculine power, and their performances are in no way effete. If this is a sport that you have not heard of or have not seen performed I urge you to go to your nearest video sharing website and see what is going on with this extremely popular and fast growing sport. If there is not a pole studio in your immediate area yet, believe me there soon will be.