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Pig Farming and Swine Flu Origins

H1N1 Origins And Corporate Concealment

Evidence mounts that the association with the deadly virus that has been breeding and mutating for the last fifteen years has found to be linked with substandard practices of industrial pig farming starting in Mexico, having spread to farms all over the world. Over 100 articles on the internet and many independent news programs confirm that it indeed mutated as a result of loose standards of pig farming. The earliest known outbreak of the disease was confirmed in a four-year old boy, in April of 2009 within one mile of the industrial farm facilities in Perote, Mexico. Since then, there have been outbreaks in Canada, Australia and other parts of the world originating very near the pig farming facilities in those areas.

The earliest report of swine flu emerged as a result and the disease was declared a pandemic shortly after word. Since then, approximately 1,800 deaths have been reported worldwide by WHO (World Health Organization.) Carroll Farms that owns the Smithfield corporation and its partner in Mexico deny any allegations that links standards of industrial farm production with the outbreak of the virus, experts say.

A representative of Carroll farms sent samples of their herd to be tested on and reported that they found no evidence to substantiate the claim, despite the fact that the first known case of swine flu was located within close proximity to the massive farming facility. Soon after the NAFTA agreement was signed in 1994, AHMSA, the Mexican agricultural giant, bought Carroll foods and began rapid expansion of their farming operations. The health of the workers and the protection of the environment became compromised as the animals were placed in close quarters and the manure-pits left uncovered. This made the facility ripe for the spread of disease. Clearly, corporate irresponsibility is being linked to spawning the epidemic we know as the swine flu.

Leave it to a U.S. based international food giant to be the true culprits behind the swine flu origin, independent news sources say. A lawsuit by a man who’s wife had died from the influenza has ensued making it the first time that a U.S. company will be scrutinized and put on trial for the spread of a known virus. The October WHO death rates approximate 5,000 people, but rumors abound that this death toll is from any possible strain of flu. The origins of the swine flu is confirmed, the real death toll is not. There really is no excuse for corporate complacency on such an issue.