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Peace Amid Chaos

Inner chaos and turmoil is a relative constant in the life of many people. If one hangs on to past hurts, given or received, or if guilt and fear are constant companions, peace becomes elusive, a state of being that is hard to achieve. The best ways to obtain peace often come with the release and inner healing of the individual.

Release The Past

When you carry with you the pains and hurts and wrongs done to you in the past, the burden becomes heavier as each year passes. There are ways to release the pain, though, and hence the burden.

1. If possible, confront those who have hurt you. It is a brave thing to do, but often a sense of reclaiming your own emotions comes with having faced “the enemy” head on.

2. The best, and possibly the most difficult, road to inner healing comes with forgiving those who have done you a great harm. Not an easy thing, but it helps to know that you forgive not just for the sake of the other person, but for your own well-being. Until one can forgive, the source of the hurt remains a permanent resident inside the mind. Forgiving does not mean you condone what was done or that you become friends with the other person. You don’t even have to say directly to them: I forgive you. But you’ll find the act of doing so freeing.

Along with forgiving others, forgive yourself for any wrongs you’ve done, for anything about which you feel guilty. If the forgiveness doesn’t “take” the first 10 times around, then keep on forgiving until it does. Peace will gradually replace your pain as inner healing takes place.

Avenues To Promote Inner Healing

1. Prayer or some other form daily communion with God, or even with your own spirit, leads to inner healing.

2. Find solace and a spiritual lift by spending time with nature. Its innate beauty and wonder promote inner healing. A daily walk in the outdoors, being fully aware of your surroundings, will speed your quest to find peace.

3. Each day, take some time to reflect on what is good about life, people, and especially yourself. Record these things in a journal as a handy reminder you can turn to as needed to promote positive thinking.

4. Take especially good care of your overall health. Eat fresh and delicious food. Enjoy each shower or bath you take as a way of connecting with your physical side. Make and keep appointments for a yearly physical. Learn to enjoy movement by dancing, walking, or practicing yoga. Appreciate the wonder that is your body.

5. Feed your mind and your spirit with as much care as you do your body. Pursue absorbing hobbies, positive reading material, soothing or cheerful music.

6. Interact often with positive people, whether family, friends, or co-workers, and find work that you love.

7. Never be afraid to seek professional help when needed.

Peace is not out of your reach. The avenue lies in release of past pain and present mindsets that harm you. Inner healing is the road you seek, and with time and that healing, you’ll actually begin to love the journey.