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Panic Attack Feelings

My panic attack feelings made my life almost unbearable, they were really depressing… I used to hate them. It was really strange because even after I knew what was going on, I would still freak out about things. I would be fine one moment, then instantly feelings of dread would overcome me.

I really had a tough time with my panic disorder… My rational mind knew that I was getting anxiety about nothing… but the more I thought about it the more anxiety I felt. Whenever I even thought of my disorder I started to get heart palpitations and my chest would tighten up to the point where I had trouble breathing. My panic attack feelings made my life almost impossible to live.

Finally I had had it. Not only was I at my wits end, but I felt silly about my panic bouts. I had to do something about my disorder but I wanted to do it without taking any medication. I really hated taking pills… so that was something that I refused to do. I refused to walk through life in a fog. I knew I had some problems, but I was adamant about not living like a zombie.

After doing tons of research, I finally discovered how people were living with their anxiety attack feelings. It seemed that these people were living with their anxiety by embracing it. I had to come to the realization that my body was in no physical danger, but my mind was programmed to actually send danger signals to my body. When this happened I would start to panic.

These signals triggered my natural fight or flight instincts, and I started to feel anxiety. Then I started to feel anxiety about my anxiety and all of my emotions snowballed until I could not control them anymore.

What happened to me was that my mind just started racing and I would start to get scared of getting scared, and it turned into and endless loop. I knew it was silly but the smallest things really triggered me. I thought of them in such a negative light and I knew they put me in a state of panic. My body and mind fell into predictable patterns that would cause anxiety and fear over and over again.

It all makes sense to me now. Every time I had a panic attack feeling bout, I would start to freak out. Then I would notice my symptoms ad start to freak out about those. Eventually these feeling just started to overwhelm me. Once I learned what was triggering my panic attack feelings I was able to combat them using various exercises and other natural methods that involved no medication.