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Panic Attack Disorders

Panic attack disorders are always caused by an overabundance of anxiety. Anxiety is a natural human reaction to certain types of stimuli. Most people think that when they experience anxiety, that it’s a bad thing. It isn’t…

If your ancestors had not had feelings of anxiety when they were in danger you would never be here today. Anxiety has helped humans identify dangerous situations for as long as they have been around. Imagine the scenario of someone running at you with the obvious intent of harming you. Would you try to give them a hug or would you run? Well if you were incapable of feeling anxiety you would probably try the hugging route.

Now a days you probably do not have to rely on your fight or flight instinct quite as much but there are times where it is useful. The problem is that you experience stress on a regular basis. Your body has a hard time differentiating between stress and fear. When you are under a constant barrage of stress you may develop panic attack disorders. Stress can build and build and cause fear, which start to build up. This starts a cycle of anxiety that eventually gets out of control.

Panic attack disorders usually start as little twinges of anxiety until they grow to be so big that they interfere with the way you live your life. When people get panic attacks really bad it is not uncommon for the person to fear leaving their house.

When you suffer from a panic attack disorder you will probably be familiar with one or more of these symptoms. The most common symptoms are palpitations and an increase in heart rate. People often experience chest pains and find breathing to be difficult.

Any of the above symptoms can really scare the people experiencing them. These symptoms cause more anxiety which in turn causes more symptoms. A vicious cycle of anxiety starts. Once these events are put into motion your anxiety just snowballs until you cannot handle it anymore.

The good thing about panic attack disorders is that they can be treated fairly easily. If you go to a doctor they will probably try to push some medications onto you… I personally cannot stand walking through life like a zombie. I choose to not take them. I feel as though natural behavior modifications are the best way to treat panic attack disorders