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Pampering yourself

The baby is screaming. Your kids are calling for your attention for every little thing that happens. You husband just got home from work and you’re ready to scream yourself. You want to take some time out to pamper yourself, but you feel guilty about it because you’re supposed to be Superwoman, aren’t you? Well, you’re not Superwoman, but you’d like to be.

Here are just a few ways to pamper yourself, before you do start screaming. Remember, if you don’t take time for yourself once in a while, you will spread yourself too thin and not be able to take care of others, so let go of the guilt that comes from taking care of yourself.

Obviously, both you and your family still have to be fed, but you’re so tired that you don’t want to cook or clean. Call for take out. It doesn’t have to be pizza either. You can get almost any kind of meal delivered right to your doorstep. If you want gourmet, that’s available. If you want chinese, that’s good, too. Take advantage of this, and don’t cook for the night. Think of all the pots and pans that you don’t have to clean.

If you want to make your clean-up job even easier yet, you can use paper plates and cups, and plastic silverware. Now you’re family is fed and you didn’t have to kill yourself cooking and cleaning. The other option is to let your husband do the cooking and cleaning. If you have a husband that knows his way around the kitchen, this may work. If you’re husband doesn’t know how to cook, on the other hand, this may cause you more stress instead of less.

Now that you’ve had dinner, and the clean-up was a breeze, it’s time for the real pampering to begin. Hand the children over to your husband for the evening, take some of your favorite scented candles, and your favorite bubble bath. Run the bathwater, pour in the bubble bath, light the candles and hop in. After you have soaked long enough to fully relax yourself, get out when you’re ready. Once you’re out, give yourself a facial, manicure, pedicure or all three. This will further relax you. Paint your toes a color that makes you feel good, blow out the candles, and read a good book until you are ready to face life once again.