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Oxycontin Hillbilly Heroin Addiction Treatment

Oxycontin, also known as hillbilly heroin, was first introduced as a high potent pain reliever in 1995 and has rapidly become a highly abused prescription drug by children, teens, college students, and many other people in the U.S. In the short time it has been on the market, it has become the most highly abused drug in America.

There are several ways in which the drug is used, depending upon the person. It can be taken orally, chewed, crushed and snorted, or dissolved and injected like heroin. It is highly addictive and often deadly.

Oxycontin was originally intended for terminally ill cancer patients or chronic pain sufferers but due to its high opiate content, it quickly became one of the most popular drugs on the street. There are some users who compare the high with that of cocaine while others believe it to be more like that of heroin. Because of it being in pill form, therefore making it difficult to lace or cut with other drugs, many addicts began choosing it over their original drug of choice.

Due to it being a prescription drug versus street drug, insurance would also help pay for it, which was also a big reason for its popularity. If one has to buy it off the streets, it costs at least $1.00 a milligram. Originally they were made in 10mg., 20mg., 40mg., 80mg., and 160mg. strengths, but in 2008 15mg., 30mg., and 60mg. were introduced.

Crushing and snorting is the most chosen form of use for most children and teens just starting to experiment. When used in this fashion, the high is more like cocaine. It increases one’s energy, which in turn, allows he or she to stay awake and party longer.

The saddest part being, no one ever thinks he or she will become addicted. Oxycontin has a faster addiction rate due to the potency of the drug. Many who have never been addicted to anything become quickly addicted to this drug.

Oxycontin is the one drug experience that no one leaves without having battle scars. Due to the severe withdrawals experienced after using, there have been special rehab and detoxing centers created.

When used as prescribed, oxycontin has been called a miracle drug because it returns a chronic pain sufferer’s life back to normal. When used illegally, it is highly addictive and the sickness one suffers without it causes one to obtain it legally or illegally. It has also been blamed for an extremely high number of deaths in the short time it’s been on the market.

Without proper treatment, oxycontin is nearly impossible to stop. The sickness is excruciating. Our young people just don’t realize what a demon they’re playing with.