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Other Excercises besides Walking

The overall consensus with people when it comes to physical wellness, is that people strive for it, but just don’t have the time, motivation, or tools to reach that goal. What if I told you that learning how to attain physical wellness may be easier than you think? You just have to make some minor adjustments in your everyday lifestyle.

Many people stop working out because they get bored. If you are sick and tired of walking on the same old treadmill and not going anywhere, try attending a workout class. This could be a great change of pace for you, and get you back in gear. You might just have fun while working out too.

If you are one of those people who don’t like going to the gym there are many exercises that you can do in nature’s gym. Walking is a great form of exercise and can be done almost anywhere. This is great for your heart and lungs. You can also visit a local park that has playground equipment. Monkey bars, rope walls, and jungle gyms can be great workout tools.

While you are at home watching TV, make it a habit to do jumping jacks, sit ups, or crunches during commercial breaks until your show returns back on air. While you’re talking on the phone, instead of sitting on the couch, walk around. Cleaning your house and doing daily chores, depending on the activity can burn up to 600 calories an hour.

If you are a social person and enjoy the interaction with others, check your local bulletin boards or websites, many groups and clubs organize nature walks or hikes. You can also try volunteering for a neighborhood clean up project, this is both rewarding physically as well as emotionally.

Exercise isn’t the only activity you have to modify, you should be eating right also. Proper nutrition is essential to keep your body moving and at it’s best. A good rule of thumb to remember at each meal, 50% of your plate should be vegetables, 25% should be protein such as lean meat, poultry, or fish, and the remaining 25% should be your grains, preferably whole grains.

In short, to answer the question how to attain physical wellness, the simple answer would be, in small steps. Jumping right into a vigorous exercise routine or strict diet will only cause you to fail and be discouraged. Now that you know how to attain physical wellness, it’s now time to start implementing these techniques into your new healthy lifestyle.