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Organic Food Health Benefits Organically Grown Foods Organic Food and Health

The health benefits of organic food are many and varied. First of all it is beneficial establish a working definition of “organic” – to make this definition simple yet concise, it will be defined thus: Organic Food -From farm to market, food that is processed using elements, exclusively derived from carbon-based organisms, with each step of production in sync with both the symbiotic and independent relationships, found in nature.

The health benefits of organic foods are listed here –

* no risk of cancer or any disease related to ingesting synthetic pesticides or herbicides from fruits and vegetables. Fruits such as apples have paraffin wax to preserve shelf life at the supermarket. Basically, paraffin wax oil ingested directly, can cause vomiting, coughing, lung inflammation, so ingesting it in minute quantities over a long period of time can greatly affect the health of your lungs – In short, an organic apple has zero synthetic coatings, so you do not have to worry about it.

* no additional additives or preservatives that can cause increased asthma, hyperactivity in kids, headaches, nausea, diarrhea, cramps, blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and thyroid disease.

* no risk of health problems related to genetically modified foods. As of yet, studies are not available that scientifically proves that GM foods are safe for human consumption. They are not available not because an unwillingness to do the work involved, but because the research is dominated by corporate bio-tech companies that have made it illegal to publish independent studies done by scientists outside of their companies.

* significantly reduced risk from carcinogens in our water supplies caused by run-off from factory farms. Contaminated drinking water caused by the toxic sludge, manure from cows, etc. can cause a whole host of waterborne diseases, too many to mention all, but to include a few of the most well known ones; salmonella, E-coli disease, dysentery, and many others – http://www.waterencyclopedia.com/Ge-Hy/Human-Health-and-Water.html

What is happening in developing countries can and does happen here too, occasionally. Waterborne diseases cases usually go unreported in the US, it is estimated that between only 10-20% ever do get reported and when they do, they are not usually considered severe.

* greatly reduced risk of obesity, due to added corn and corn byproducts in packaged and processed foods.

There really are many health benefits associated with organically grown foods, both for the individual consuming them and for the people and animals, involved in the process of creating them. I encourage you to do some studying of your own. Let me know what you find!