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Oral b Essential Floss Waxed Dental Floss

Oral -B Essential Floss – Waxed dental floss


It flosses your teeth removing plaque and food debris. It cleans in-between teeth and those hard to reach areas, which your toothbrush can’t get to. It helps to stop tooth decay and promotes good dental hygiene.


It comes in a round container which has a flat bottom so it can stand up. It is sturdy, durable and waterproof. The front and back of the container is flat.

On the front there is a label briefly describing what the product is in white writing. The word essential is highlighted in yellow. The Oral B logo is on the front. The background is blue and the corner is green to highlight the word ‘mint’. The lid is at the top and you click it open, it will not come completely off as it is still attached to the container.

To close you click the lid back down to securely close it. Once opened you can see the dental floss and it is coming out of the container and sits in a metal bit, which also cuts the floss when needed.


The dental floss itself is waxed and looked like squashed plastic to me. In this container there is 50 metres of the dental floss inside. Once the lid is opened you can smell the mint smell instantly. The floss is covered in a waxy substance, which you can taste once it is in your mouth. The mint smell is refreshing.

Directions: Wash your hands thoroughly. Break off a good-sized amount of the dental floss, which will fit in-between, your teeth. Take an end with each hand and put it in-between your teeth. Gently move the floss up and down between your teeth making sure to not damage your gums. Floss each tooth individually making sure to remove all debris, which could cause tooth decay. I always once I have flossed then clean my teeth and rinse my mouth.


I have found that this dental floss is great and I feel that my teeth are properly clean after using it and my teeth feel fresh. It has helped stop me from further tooth decay and further fillings. It also removes some bacteria or germs, which may be lurking around in my mouth. The only problem I find with this floss is that you will have to use a few different pieces when flossing your teeth in one go as it does fray after using it a few times.

It is however one of the best flosses that I have used as it wouldn’t break as easily as other brands. You will need to have patience to clean each tooth individually but it is worth it as it promotes good dental hygiene. You will need to be careful not to rub the floss through your teeth too hard as it could damage your gums and make them bleed.

The waxy substance isn’t too much on this floss and it helps you fit the floss in-between your teeth easier leaving the whole process less of a hassle. There is just the right amount and it doesn’t annoy you, as some flosses can have too much wax and it then is over your teeth. The floss also doesn’t get stuck in-between your teeth. I like the way the floss has a mint smell as it is refreshing. I feel that this floss is worth every penny as it does the job effectively and keeps my teeth in good condition.