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Olive Oil Benefits

If you still don’t know why it is good to use as much olive oil as possible in your diet, read these ten reasons, and pour extra virgin on your salad, meat and fish.

1. Tastes great
Pleasure is one of the best reasons why you should cook with olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil just tastes great, and has very different characteristics which are worth exploring.

2. It helps you lose weight
It seems that the fat that exists in extra virgin olive oil, when replaced with harmful fats, can help you lose weight. Experts recommend an increased intake of extra virgin olive oil that can help destroy harmful fat, abdominal address depletion and diabetes.

3. Extends and improves life
Extra virgin olive oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants and can help in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and certain forms of cancer, as well as their treatment and therapy.

4. It makes you more clever
Recent studies show that diets rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which are largely presented in extra virgin olive oil can improve brain function, which is again associated with preventing aging and diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

5. Rejuvenates and beautifies
Olive oil contains vitamins A, D, K and E to help fight free radicals and oxidation of cells, all of which leading to premature aging. Therefore, that well-balanced diet in this case may act like a visit to the best beauty salon.

6. Positive impact on children’s development
Modern research also show that a diet rich in extra virgin olive oil during pregnancy may improve psycho-motor reflexes of the child and give him a number of other advantages in development.

7. Reduces physical pain
Extra virgin olive oil can act as a natural ibuprofen. It contains oleocanthal, a substance which has anti-inflammatory activity.

8. Boosts energy level
A diet rich in extra virgin olive oil improves blood circulation, so you’ll easily be able to breathe easier. It also improves blood flow and alleviates symptoms of various allergic and respiratory diseases.

9. Increases resistance to infections
Olive oil contains high levels of antioxidants, including polyphenols, vitamin E, chlorophyll and carotenoids. Antioxidants are the main lever for strengthening the body’s immune system and protecting the organism.

10. Improves sexual intercourse
This is the last, but certainly not last in importance among the numbered values of olive oil. Thus, extra virgin olive oil in conjunction with Omega 3 fatty acids, improves circulation, which is a key factor in achieving an erection and orgasm in both men and women.