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Obesity a Growing Problem

Obesity has been on a rise in the past few years. This is not very surprising either.

There are many reasons why obesity is on a rise, and may continue to rise for the next decade or so.

Everyone is busy nowadays with work, family, and studies. There is hardly any time to make healthy food. That is why many people choose to dine at a fast food restaurant, or buy frozen foods and continue to become over weight.

Fast foods are high in calories and have less nutrition. A person slowly becomes overweight and then obese. As fast food restaurants continue to rise in number, so will the number of people who are obese.

One of the restaurants doing the best during these recession times is McDonalds. Since people are looking for cheap food, McDonalds provides them with cheap and unhealthy options. This will lead to even a higher rate of obesity. But eating isn’t the only problem, there are several other problems in our society which causes people to become obese.

One of the most common is stress. Many studies have shown that stress leads to over eating, and although there hasn’t been enough evidence, some researches also say that stress may also reduce metabolism. Many people fail to maintain their weight because they are stressed and end up eating much more to comfort themselves. This type of food is known as comfort food. Chocolate, cake, pizza, burger, and chips are some common “comfort” foods.

The inactive lifestyle and the invention of internet and television also add to the problem. If there were no televisions or internet, people would go outside during summers and have a nice swim or play at the beach. But with computer and the unlimited amounts of games and features, many children like to stay indoors and play video games during their summer vacation. This is one of the most common causes of obesity.

Inactive lifestyle, fast food and stress all together are on a rise in the society. Fast food is considered the norm despite the fact that it is unhealthy. It is filled with saturated foods. New consoles for video games such as playstation, and xbox360 have made it easier for kids and adults to stay at home and not burn any calories.

Obesity will continue to rise, until people realize that their lifestyle is what is causing obesity. Many blame obesity on their genes. Although genes play a role, most people become obese due to inactive lifestyle and unhealthy eating patterns.

Don’t make obesity a problem for you! Yes, obesity is a on a rise, but there are also many health and fitness programs out there which will get you back in shape in no time! Go outdoors and do some exercising. Make an investment in treadmill; not a gaming console.