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Nutritious Salad Tips

Salads are revered as being healthy regardless of what they contain. We assume because it contains vegetables and in some cases fruit it can’t be anything but. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Many people have habits, and things they like. These habits can turn into unhealthy ones, even if done for a short time.

Everyone tends to grab for the dressing, using way too much. We all add what we feel will taste best, instead of going with the serving size.

There are many ways a salad can become unhealthy, too much dressing isn’t the only way. Too much of anything except for vegetables or fruits makes it unhealthy. Follow these few tips and you salad will be on its way to serving its purpose.

1. Stay away from dressing. If you must use it, use minimal amount and toss it in well. Try using other items instead such as olive oil with a little seasoning and a drop of vinegar, after all most of the time these are the main ingredients in a dressing off the shelf.

2. Stay away from adding dairy products. Cheeses and eggs will only add to the cholesterol content. If you decide that you like cheese in your salad and can’t do without it, add very small amount that are finely shredded. You will get the overall taste without adding too much.

3. Use farm fresh or organic produce. The fresher it is the better it will taste, and the healthier it will be. Organic produce isn’t exposed to pesticides or anything that may be potentially hazardous.

4. Use more fruits. A salad doesn’t have to be just vegetables. A fruit salad is just as healthy for you, or mix it up with both fruits and vegetables.

5. Don’t add any fillers such as bacon bits. These items tend to contain a lot of salt.

6. Add some exotic fruits and vegetables. You standard salad doesn’t have to be boring, add something that different.

7. More color is better. Reds, green, yellow, purple; the more colors you have, the more nutrients and vitamins you will have. There is more to having red than just tomatoes. Try some radish or red peppers. Green doesn’t stop at lettuce either. Spinach, celery, fresh green beans, fresh pea pods, green peppers; anything that looks green can be added.

8. Be creative. There are plenty of things that are untraditional to the salad world that are healthy. Try using nuts for a different crunch.

9. Stay away from red meats such as steak. Add things such as grilled chicken. It will add to the salad and not take away from the nutritional value. Adding anything with protein will hold you off far longer than greens alone.

10. Moderation is key to healthy eating. Don’t use too much of anything, you could be overdoing it without knowing it.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, a salad doesn’t have to be just lettuce. If you know there is a fruit or a vegetable that you really like, start from there and work your way to adding something different each and every time you make a salad.

Making healthy choice for a salad is easy. Take a walk through the produce section at the grocery store and explore your option. Just about everything there can be added to make your salad more nutritious, and more exciting.