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Nutritional Benefits in Coconut

The word coconut might bring to mind cool drinks with rum and pineapple, or perhaps you use coconut butter creams to soften your skin. But the fact is that this tropical fruit is part of the staple food of many people, and it is very rich in nourishment! It has been used for centuries in alternative medicine, to treat conditions varying from baldness to tumors, jaundice to typhoid! Here are some of the benefits of coconut.

To start with, coconut is rich in fiber. This makes it excellent for the digestive system, especially when eaten uncooked. For people suffering from constipation, gas, or other stomach ailments, a regular intake of coconut meat can be of help.

Coconut has long been used to treat malnutrition, or for people who wish to gain weight. This is because it is rich in proteins, as well as calories and fat. Bodybuilders also use it to help build muscle, it being a high-protein food.

There is something called lauric acid, a saturated fatty acid, found in coconuts. This acid is very helpful when it comes to fighting bacterias and viruses. Different infections, including HIV and the common cold, can be fought with the help of the coconut meat. Also other problems, like intestinal parasites, have been successfully treated with coconut.

The coconut water, often found in unripe coconuts, is a great booster for kidneys and bladder. It is quite sweet to drink, or it can be mixed with a little water. Some say it can even dissolve kidney-stones, or cure urinary problems.

Another benefit of coconuts is that it contains iodine. Iodine is necessary for the function of the thyroid. Eating coconut can help prevent goiter, an enlarged thyroid.

Coconut is also good as an antiseptic. Gargling coconut milk can help a sore throat, and drinking it will alleviate the problems of a stomach ulcer.

Most of these benefits of the coconut are in action when eating raw. When coconut is processed, like hydrogenated coconut oil, for example, the benefits turn into dangers and can lead to serious health-problems. So it is good to be careful and check well before taking any kind of supplement containing coconut.

Whether or not to eat coconut and what the nutritional benefits can be has been a topic for controversy. Like many other foods, natural is better when it comes to the coconut. Very high in nutritional value, as well as a very tasty fruit!