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Nutrition Tips for Seniors

Just because you’ve gotten older doesn’t mean that you should forget about getting the right nutritional value. With the changing times and modernization of everything, even seniors need to look after their healthy by watching what they eat. Good nutrition can help ward of many diseases as we age and for seniors this should be enough reason to tuck into some good quality products that will benefit their health and give the energy to continue enjoying all the joys life has to offer. Here are some nutrition tips to follow.

Cook your own

As a senior and probably retired you have more time on your hands to spend in the kitchen. That means more time to prepare nutritious meals for yourself and your loved ones, friends and family. Cooking for yourself means you are using products that are fresher and healthier for you. Pre-cooked and pre-packaged meals have less nutritional value and are usually loaded with sugar and salt. To maintain your health, strong bones and supple muscles, prevent diseases like diabetes creeping up on you eat lots of fruit and vegetables, lean meats and fish, whole grains and dairy products and cook them yourself.

Reduce your portions

As we get older our bodies require less and less calories to function correctly. With each year after fifty, you should reduce your portion sizes with every meal. If once you were eating a full dinner plate, as a senior it might be a good idea to stick to a side plate and simply eat more often. Eating six or seven times a day or every two or three hours is better for you than having just breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eat smaller and more often and both your health and waistline are going to be grateful. If you are an active senior you may need more calories so listen to your body.

Lower sugar and salt intake

Sugar and salt are the reasons for many modern ailments. Sugar is the enemy when it comes to our immune system as it prevents it from fighting and warding off illnesses like colds and flu’s as well as more serious diseases like cancer. As a senior you should be more careful when it comes to nutrition. Adding two spoonfuls of sugar in your tea followed by some sweets isn’t going to do any good for your health. Adding salt to anything is also unhealthy. The more we use salt the more we want it. Sooner or later food tastes too bland and we increase the amount of salt we eat. Salt increases blood pressure and causes water retention. So if you’re used to eating it, try to slowly reduce it until you no longer need to add it to your meals. Use other herbs and spices instead to add flavor.

As a senior you need to pay attention to your health. Nutrition is one of the keys to good health. Eat healthy, regularly and lightly and you will get a lot more out of your health, body and mind.