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Nutrition Recommendations for the Modern Diet

With the modern diet being based on refined flour and grains, dairy, sugar and meat, most of the nutrients that the body needs, are lost, and most people need to resort to food supplements and drugs in order to keep their bodies properly functioning. The insufficient fiber intake that characterizes the modern diet, only adds to the problem, since activities like digestion and elimination are being blocked and stopped from working smoothly.

The number one nutrition recommendation for the modern diet is to immediately stop using prescription drugs. With pills killing almost as many people each year, as cancer and strokes, pharmaceuticals are so tremendously dangerous to a person’s health and safety, that it comes as a huge surprise that they have not been discontinued or made illegal by now.

Another important thing to remember is to avoid refined flour products, in order to keep your immune system intact. It is not a secret that when wheat flour is milled into white flour, all its nutrients and natural oils are removed, so the flour loses everything it has to offer. Make it your goal to opt for whole grains, that tend to keep their nutrients and antioxidants intact and help prevent numerous health problems, such as heart diseases, strokes, diabetes, obesity, bowel disorders and cholesterol. Also, research has shown that whole grains can in some cases be even more effective than fruit and vegetables when preventing or fighting disease.

No matter how many times you have heard it before, the fact that a daily diet rich in fruit and vegetables is crucial for the body and brain to properly function, cannot be stressed enough. With most fruit being sweet and particularly tasty, choosing a variety of fresh fruit at the grocery store, should be easy and pleasant. Try to replace dessert and drinks with pieces of fruit and fruit juices. Also, make it your priority to buy as many vegetables as you can when food shopping. Try to include a good amount of vegetables in every meal.

Try to switch to skim milk. Although milk is essential as an important source of calcium, skim milk contains significantly less saturated fat than whole milk, which makes it better for you. Have it with cereal in the morning before work, for a balanced breakfast that will keep you energized throughout the day. Also make sure you include eggs and beans in your everyday diet. Very important sources of protein and fiber, they help you digest effectively and prevent constipation.

Last but not least, don’t underestimate the importance of exercise in your modern diet. At least half an hour each day of walking, running, swimming, cycling or dancing is all it takes in order to keep your body in great form, and able to fight disease.