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Negative Mindset and Diet

Having a negative mindset is the trigger to failure for many reasons. This is the case through life and not just in the area of dieting, though it plays a huge part in determining success. The reason for this is that negativity doesn’t fire enthusiasm, and can also hamper it. This article is written to explain to those trying to find answers why a negative mindset can undermine your weight loss attempts and get in the way of success. With a better understanding, the chances are that you can succeed and find yourself losing the negative mindset at the same time.

*Self esteem.

*Self management.

*Turning negatives to positives.

*How positives affirm values.

*Replacing the negative mindset.

*Moving on to success.

Self esteem.

People who are overweight tend to look negatively at who they are. Their values are based on the interaction with others and expectations society placed upon them. One only has to look at magazines to see that what society expects is for people to be slim. In truth, not many are, and those who are overweight feel that they are lacking in some way if they have a negative mindset. Pressure from friends, insults by people who are thoughtless can all fuel a negative mindset and those who are overweight are targets for comments which are negative, giving rise to self esteem issues and negativity.

Self management.

Every human being is responsible for their own feelings. An individual with negativity won’t see this, and needs to concentrate on self management. The way to do this is to start to take responsibility for self. Write down the reasons why your weight loss is failing and it soon becomes clear that it’s the approach which is wrong. Write down a list of bad things about yourself, and the list may be a long one. Then write down a list of good things about yourself, and it will seem much shorter. What this indicates is a negative tendency. It is this tendency which will only serve to fuel failure. To change the mindset, addressing the negatives is vital. If for example, you write I am too fat, write on the plus side I am doing something about being too fat. Reinforcing positive action helps someone who is negative to get things into better perspective.

Another thing which will show how negative you are and the effects of negativity is friendship. Are you the kind of friend people welcome? Often negative people don’t attract friendship. Negative people bring others down, and are the kind of people other avoid. Try turning the aspect of negativity around into positive interaction, and friendship flourishes. The reason for this is not that people don’t want to help someone in need. It is simply that for balance people need to surround themselves with positive people, who spark enthusiasm.

Turning negatives into positives.

It’s a great practice to turn negatives around. Instead of saying I can’t eat this because it makes me fat making the whole basis of the diet negative, educate yourself to appreciate things which don’t contain so much fat. This fruit is delicious, is a typical positive to make you feel good about what you are eating. The resentment which comes with trying to lose weight with negative attitude is that people try to compensate for negative things with the wrong kind of positives. For example, someone deprived of cakes might turn to the very source of their problems to make themselves feel better, and eat the forbidden food. By making healthy alternatives just as delicious and challenging the body to recognize the positive things about dieting, you can change the whole attitude and help yourself to succeed.

How positives affirm values.

Positive attitude produces positive results. The reason for this is because they motivate. Positive motivation helps the success levels because they fire enthusiasm. For example, if one avoids the scales, how can they address problems of being overweight. Scales are a positive way of knowing results. One pound lost is a positive affirmation of success. One pound gained is an affirmation that change is needed, rather than a negative suggestion of failure. The way people look at things alters the whole picture.

Replacing the negative mindset.

If someone tells themselves that they cannot do something, chances are that they can’t. They are restricted by their own negativity. Change that mindset slightly to perhaps I can and what happens is that the positive attitude changes the approach to the problem. People don’t like doing something they think they are bad at. It’s natural. Replacing negative mindset with positive approach to change makes the whole picture clearer.

Moving on to success.

When negative mindset is replaced with positive mindset, what happens is that all areas of life change. People are friendlier. Life becomes easier and weight loss becomes a lot more probable. The reason is that the approach is reasoned and well thought out. People with a negative mindset fail because of their negative mindset. Telling yourself that you will fail fuels failure. By getting over negative thoughts, what an individual does is fuel success. It’s a great feeling knowing that you, as an individual, have used your own thinking processes to help yourself to lose weight. The personal satisfaction is amazing, and by changing attitude, life gets better. Those who are held back by negative mindset are the authors of their own misfortune. Once they understand the effects of negativity, they are better able to address them, and to live healthier and happier lives.