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Natural Ways to Treat Mosquito Bites

Mosquito bites affect each individual differently. Knowing this is very important in treating a bite. If you have allergic reactions to mosquito bites you should listen to a doctor or seek one for advice. If you don’t have an allergic reaction there are many different things people have found to be effective in relieving the itching and burning of a mosquito bite. If you try one of the fallowing and it doesn’t help, try a different one. Also keep in mind that there are many different mosquitoes and a remedy may work with one type and not work with another. This means if you find something that works it might not work every time. I will also throw some non natural (purchased items) in as leaving them out would do you an injustice.

The fallowing should be put on in paste form. The paste should be a wet consistency but not runny or dry. Put the paste on the bite and leave until it dries or the itching stops. Re-apply if the itching comes back. Some good pastes are: Dirt and water (mud, also very good for bee stings), baking soda and water, salt and water, oatmeal and water, meat tenderizer and water, Epsom salt and water, aspirin (crushed) and water, antacid tablets (crushed) and water, salt and butter, and flour and water.

Next is stuff you can put right on the bite without doing anything else. Apply the fallowing right directly on the bite: Ice cube, hot or cold water, bar of soap (rub on bite), Scotch tape, nail polish, rubbing alcohol, mouthwash, vinegar, Calamine lotion, Orajel, Tiger balm, Vicks vapor rub, Anbesol, Bag balm, Mylanta, Gold bond medicated cream, After bite, Benadryl cream, Lucas papaw ointment, Preparation H, Caladryl, lemon or lime juice, and the inside of a banana peel (rubbed on the bite).

I am sure there are many more remedies people have tried. This gives you an idea that there’s always hope when it comes to stopping the itch of a mosquito bite. This brings us to another point, don’t scratch the bite. Doing so will only make things worse and may cause an open sour that can get infected and leave a scar.

Something even better then treating a mosquito bite is preventing one or two or twenty in the first place. If mosquitoes pose a problem you may find some of these helpful in preventing being bitten. Listerine rubbed on your skin and clothes with a sponge. Eat a whole bunch of garlic or make a past with garlic powder and water, applying some on shoes, face, neck, behind knees, and on arms and legs (don’t get any in your eyes). Vinegar rubbed on uncovered skin is also a good repellent. Bite Blocker, Avon Skin so soft, and purchased mosquito repellents are also good options. The best thing you can do is find something that works and keep using it. Different stuff works for different people and various types of mosquitoes. The last thing I am going to leave you with is, don’t eat anything made with white flower or sugar if you’re going to a place that may have mosquitoes to tend with like camping, hiking, and fishing (easier said then done, but it helps).