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Natural Ways to Ease Earache Pain Home Remedies for Earache Treat Earache Naturally

If you’ve ever had an earache, you know pain. The inner ear is one of the most sensitive areas of the body. Learn some natural ways to ease that terrible earache pain and get back to living life.

What Causes Earache Pain?

An earache can be caused by a variety of different factors. Among the most common causes of earache are:

Swimmer’s Ear

Swimmer’s ear, also called otitis externa, can be caused by swimming in polluted water or getting fluid trapped in the ear from a shower or bath. Common symptoms include pain, swelling and an eczema-like rash.

Wax Build-Up

Chronic allergies and colds can sometimes lead to an overproduction of wax in the ear. Too much build-up can cause wax to harden and put pressure on the ear canal walls, causing pain and mild hearing loss.

Middle Ear Infection

Middle ear infection, also called otitis media, occurs when the eustachian tube becomes blocked. As fluid builds up, germs and bacteria run rampant, causing severe earache and swelling.

What Are Some Natural Ways to Treat Earache Pain?

Ear Irrigation

Using a bulb syringe to irrigate the ear canal is an effective natural way to ease earache pain. Fill the bulb with warm, salted water and gently flush out the ears to loosen wax and prevent infection. A kit can be purchased at any local pharmacy.

Homeopathic Ear Wax Remover

Homeopathy operates on the principle ‘like treats like’. A homeopathic ear wax remover combines just the right combination of natural remedies in a soothing drop that can be inserted into the ear to ease earache pain. They can usually be found at health food stores.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Cleaning out the ear with a few drops of good old-fashioned peroxide is an inexpensive natural way to loosen wax build-up, ease earache pain and prevent and treat infection.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol helps to ease earache pain by drying any trapped fluid in the ear.


Vinegar is another natural drying agent that can ease earache pain. A few drops are all that is needed for relief.

Warm Oil

Another effective natural treatment for earache pain is to mince garlic and stir into sesame oil. Put it on a metal spoon and warm the oil using a lighter beneath the spoon. Then, using an ear dropper, place a few drops of the solution into the affected ear.

Steaming Onion

An interesting old-fashioned remedy to ease earache pain is to peel a medium onion, bake it at 350 degrees, then place the onion in a glass canning jar. Using a towel around the jar, prick the onion to let out the steam and place affected ear over the jar opening, taking care not to burn the face or ear. The warmth of the steam soothes irritation and the onion vapors relieve infection.

Ear pain is terrible to go through. Thankfully, with these natural ways to ease earache pain, you should be feeling better in no time!