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Natural Ways to Boost your Metabolism

Having a fast metabolism means being able to eat the food you enjoy, in moderation of course, and burning it off quickly without worrying about getting a flabby tummy or thighs. Some people are lucky and are born with a quick metabolism which allows them to enjoy all kinds of food without having to worry about their weight. Most of the population is at risk of a sluggish metabolism, hence the obesity that can be found in today’s fast food loving world. If you want to eat what you like and not be concerned about gaining weight than you’re going to have to boost your metabolism. Here are some natural ways to do that.

Get exercising

Exercise is a natural metabolism booster. Though not all exercise is created equal. Walking for example will help you burn some extra calories but it’s not going to boost your metabolism like running can. Short and intensive workouts are best when it comes to naturally boosting your metabolism. Because of their high intensity do them only two or three times a week depending on your physical fitness, and make sure to leave at least forty eight hours between them. On the other days you can do a bit longer and less intensive cardio. Aerobic activity isn’t enough. To boost your metabolism even more you need to find yourself in the weight room. Weights are not just for boys dreaming of muscles the size of Arnie’s. Both men and women can benefit extremely from a regular weights workout. Every extra kilogram of muscle is going to help you burn extra calories during times of rest. Lifting weights two or three times a week for half an hour isn’t going to bulk you up unless you’re specifically training for that. What it will do is boost your metabolism. So for a natural way to boost metabolism include three or four cardio sessions with some interval training, and two or three weight training sessions in to your week.

Eat regularly and healthy

Individuals who eat three big meals a day have a much slower metabolism compared with those who consume five or six small meals throughout the day. Eating little regularly is much better than eating a lot at once. By splitting your three big ones into six little ones you are going to boost your metabolism naturally. You’ll even probably end up eating more but because your body is constantly getting some fuel they aren’t going to try and hold on to all that fat on your body because it knows that every few hours it’s going to get some food. Now eating regularly isn’t enough. The food you eat has to be nutritious. So stay away from the junk food aisles in your supermarket and avoid take out meals as much as you can. Have some oats and fruit for breakfast or some scrambled eggs with tomato and whole grain toast. Snack on some nuts and fruit mid morning. At lunch reach for a salad or chicken salad sandwich minus the mayo. Mid afternoon to ward of hunger pangs indulge in a natural yoghurt with sunflower seeds. For dinner choose stir fried vegetables with lean meat or fish. When dessert rolls around have a baked apple instead of the chocolate cake.

These are two natural and effective ways to boost your metabolism. Exercise and diet are the two most important points when it comes to having a fast metabolism.