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Natural Remedy for Ringworm

Contrary to popular belief ringworm can be knocked out with natural remedies. Ringworm is a fungal infection of the skin and the key to curing it naturally is using a combination of natural anti-fungals.

A good trio to use is tea-tree oil, apple cider vinegar, and fresh garlic. All three of these have excellent anti-fungal properties, contain no chemicals, and work quickly to get rid of the ringworm.

Round 1

First thing to do after discovering the ringworm is to wash the area with soap and water, being very careful because it is highly contagious and spread by touch. Dry the area completely to prepare for application. The safest method of application is cotton swabs because they provide two applications at once and they are disposable.

Round 2

Apply tea-tree oil to one end of a swab and apply to infected area, totally covering it. Use the other end and apply a second coating. Let it soak in.

After the tea-tree oil has soaked in, use the apple cider vinegar and apply the same way as the tea-tree oil. The apple cider vinegar will soak in and evaporate much quicker than the tea-tree oil.

When the apple cider vinegar has soaked in, slice a clove of garlic and rub on the infected area, totally covering it.

Round 3

Repeat the rounding of applications several times throughout the day. After the first application, gather bed sheets, pillowcases, etc. and wash with hot water and a cap full or two of bleach to kill any of the fungus that may be lurking there.

After a couple days, the infected skin will get smooth and look dry, and possibly flake off. In a week the infected area should be greatly improved. Continue the applications for about a week after it has cleared to make sure that the fungus is totally dead and cut down on chances of another outbreak.

After a week of clear skin, with no subsequent outbreaks, it’s gone.

There may be a discoloration in the skin where the ringworm was. If this happens coco butter and Shea butter will help return the skin to its natural color. Apply a little of either, or both and massage into the area – ringworm defeated with no chemicals, lotions or potions.

Other little things that might help:

The first couple of nights of the ringworm, after treating, you may want to cover it with a loose bandage with some tea-tree oil on the bandage. This is a good idea if the infected area is exposed and may be scratched throughout the night.

When applying the tea-tree oil or apple cider vinegar always, ALWAYS, use the clean tip of a cotton swab. Saving a cotton swab is not worth spreading the ringworm.

If your patient is a small child/toddler, make sure that his/her nails are clipped short. Scratching with nails can store the fungus under the nails and make it easier to spread.