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Natural Remedies for Vomiting

Everyone as suffered from upset stomach in their lives. It is certainly not fun and something you would rather avoid. If you are suffering from upset tummy and the vomiting persist pass twenty four hours it is best to seek medical help but upset stomach is usually caused by ingesting something that would have better being left alone. When suffering from upset stomach here are some natural remedies for vomiting that may get you back on your feet quickly.

Ginger tea

Perhaps you already know the wonderful properties of ginger. Ginger tea can make your tummy feel better in no time. Try to drink your ginger tea without a sweetener your body do not need to be dealing with things that put more stress on your digestive system. Ginger can also be mixed with apple juice. Combine one quarter teaspoon of ginger with one cup of apple juice and a quarter cup of cold water. Mix this concoction well until all the ingredients are well dissolved. You can also add enough ice in this to make a slushy out of it. Sip it slowly and it will help the vomiting.


If your upset stomach is self inflicted by drinking too much alcohol then bread may be just the remedy you are looking for. Eat two slices of bread without any margarine or anything else added. Maybe plain bread does not sound that appealing to you but it really works. It will soak up the liquor that still sits in your tummy making you feel better.


Cinnamon can also be helpful if you are suffering vomiting. Sometimes it may be difficult to ingest anything when you are vomiting but if you add a teaspoonful of cinnamon to a glass of hot water it will make you feel better. Try to sip this liquid slowly. If you cannot manage to drink it without a sweetener you can mix cinnamon in honey with hot water or place a cinnamon stick in the glass of hot water instead. This may make it easier for you to drink.


Everyone knows how good rice is but it can also help with vomiting. If you boil the rice you can drink the juice from the rice to improve your stomach condition. Once your stomach settles down from the juice you can eat the rice. Rice is an excellent food to take when you have suffered from vomiting. Rice will not put any strain on the digestive system.

Stomach sickness is very common that we all suffer from. When you feel a tummy upset coming on it is time to take action to combat it before it worsens. There are many natural remedies for vomiting and you may be pleasantly surprised by the results you get.