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Natural Remedies for Eczema

Eczema is a form of dermatitis which is a mild inflammation of the epidermis (the outer layer of the skin). It can range from a mild rash to a severe outbreak resembling a dry, cracked riverbed. Highlighted in this article are some natural remedies for eczema which do not make use of the chemical laden creams available at the pharmacies.

One extremely magic laden remedy is aloe vera. Growing the plant is not that difficult and its gel has so many uses. It can treat burns as well as eczema. If you cannot grow the plant then use soaps and shampoos which are made from the all natural aloe. To harvest the fresh plant, just cut a tip from the leaves and then rub the gel directly on your skin. The reason it works is because aloe sinks very easily into skin and leaves a thin coat of moisture on top hence keeping the skin moisturized which is very important for the treatment of eczema.

Other easily available home remedy is coconut oil. It is very moisturizing and massaging it in the affected parts of the skin will help to keep it soft and moisturizes. Similarly mudpacks will also help in cooling and soothing the itchy eczema. Avoid exposure to the sun as that will further exacerbate the eczema.

A teaspoon each of camphor and sandalwood is a good eczema treatment. Also a tablespoon each of turmeric and neem leaves is a good remedy for eczema. Apply it like a cold compress and you will combine this herbal treatment with a water treatment both of which are good for curing eczema.

Crush nutmeg in a pestle and mortar and then mix to make a paste with water and apply on the affected areas. Mixing it with spearmint juice will also make for a double impact on the eczema. An infusion of herbs and oil or water is also a good treatment for eczema. Boil one cup of mustard seed oil with 50 grams of neem leaves. When the leaves are completely discoloured, cool the infusion and apply it to the effected areas everyday. You will never have this condition again if you are regular with this for a year.

You will have to change some habits if you have chronic eczema, stop drinking and stop using harsh chemicals and soaps. If you can do this then you can have better skin too.