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Natural Home Remedies for Sinusitis

Home remedy for sinusitis

Wikipedia defines “Sinusitis ” as a condition consisting of infection or inflammation of the para nasal sinuses , which may or may not be a result of infection ,from bacterial ,fungal , viral,allergic or auto immune issues .

Increase pollution in our area, change in air, pollens, rags, gaseous are some of the different conditions which may also affect and cause this inflammation in a human being . Our own immunity has been said as one of the cause why some people do get sinus infection often compared to others .Of course one of the best way to fight this condition is to make sure to get our self away and protect our from those external pollutants or pollens ,still some times it is necessary to use some more tricks from our own house to fight them

1] Ginger:

One of the best anti-inflammatory present in herbal world, ginger has its natural alkaloids to fight this condition of inflammation. Advised to be taken in the form of tea, ginger can be helpful a lot .In ancient world many would even advice dried ginger powdered to be applied on the nose and forehead for this same condition. Both way it works magic , yes beware when using as it makes our nose run a bit
because of the magic of it .

2] Eucalyptus /Nilgiri :

“Vicks” and balms like this are common to be used for such conditions, I agree. But one plant has such oils in them and can be used for the benefit of making. Named as Eucalyptus or niligiri .The oil of this plant can be used a lot in helping to sniff and relieve the sinus condition in the long run. Normally applied on the forehead or also just added to aromatic oil lamp to give the smell around the house makes
some difference .

3] Take a steam:

If we are in a stage when you are stuffed a lot and its really hard for the nose to be runny , its important that one take a nice warm steam on the face . A hot steam may be with some volatile oil being able to make the difference and help on in reliving the sinus issues.May be add some eucalyptus oil in the steam to give advance result .

4] Seasme seed oil :

During an attack of sinusitis ,one need to not only just take remedy to heal relive it , but its also important to make sure that one make sure increase the immunity of one self and for that the best way to work on it is to apply warm sesame seed oil on the body especially the lungs .This boost a lot in giving some heat to our body during such sinus inflammation .

Lastly the traditional remedy for all sickness in the west hot chicken soup makes a lot difference too .
I only suggest to take that soup and add some black peppers to it so one can enjoy it and get some relief
form such conditions .