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My Home causes Breathing Problems

Do You Or Any Of Your Family Members Have Trouble Breathing? Are You Living In An Older House? It Might Be Food Allergies OR Maybe It Could Be Kitchen Allergies! Here are some tips for items and services you can buy, to make changes in the home…

IMPROVE THE KITCHEN: Maybe YOU need to SHOP for a NEW Kitchen! It is possible! Maybe the allergy causing culprit is not food, but actually a carpet, some plumbing, a decorative rug, or some mold or mildew because of a leaky faucet! You never know until you investigate, find the potential cause, and then fix or correct the situation! This kitchen plumbing could be the reason for problems such as mold or mildew! Maybe some of the kitchen plumbing needs to be replaced, or the counter tops might be worn out, or perhaps the flooring might need replacing. When it comes to plumbing pipes and fixtures; these sometimes get rotted out, corroded, or even develop problems which can lead to greater allergic reactions!

MAKE CHANGES OF CARPET OR PAINT: Since people can be allergic to various things; from certain foods or drinks, to different plants, flowers, and trees, and even some construction materials, fabrics, or even the effects of what water damage can do to the floors and walls inside your home. If several people in the house are having trouble with breathing, for example, it might be something that was used in the construction, or some problem that has developed over time!

GET A GOOD HOME AIR PURIFIER: There are many great units that can reduce the number of allergens floating in the air in your home, and these can often make a huge difference. Also change your air conditioning filters as often as you should.

HAVE THE CARPETS CLEANED: When you have the carpets and rugs professionally cleaned, you will eliminate lots of dust, dirt, bacteria, hair, dead skin, and the list goes on…some of these tiny, almost microscopic pieces might be missed by an ordinary vacuum cleaner.

HOME WATER DISTILLER: There are many people who believe that distilled water is the absolute best type of water to drink for optimum health. Invest in a home water distiller, or at the very least, some sort of unit to filter the tap water so you are not drinking in all of those chemicals and pollutants.

You might do-it-yourself or you might choose to hire a professional, and you might buy the items that you need online, or even shop for them locally in a store where you live. There are various types of drywall and carpets that cause some people to have breathing problems, and you just might need to replace some of that as well. When it comes to the inability to breathe, it is a very scary situation, no matter your age or physical condition! Poor breathing can lead to bad sleep, lack of energy, poor health, low resistance to disease and colds, and many other miserable effects.

So, hurry up and get busy making those health-conscious changes to your home right away! You and your family will feel better once you can all breathe more easily and better, and then it will be a more healthy, happy home! Your health and the health of your family members is well worth the costs! You cannot put a “price” on good health!