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Multiple uses of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Plants Are Multi-Purpose

The aloe vera plant looks vaguely like a dull-pointed cactus, with thick arms that grow up. Inside the plant is a thick, slightly sticky and slightly sweet substance that is used in a lot of over the counter cosmetics, lotions, scrubs and skin treatments.

I have an aloe vera plant in my kitchen, because I learned from my grandmother that aloe vera can soothe the pain of a burn. I figured it must be true, since most sunburn treatment products contain aloe vera in them, and even advertise that fact on the bottle.

So I grilled my grandmother for other uses for aloe vera, and decided I needed to get me a couple more of these versatile plants, just for household use! Today, I will share with you what my grandmother taught me about the multiple uses for aloe vera are.

First, if you don’t want to buy and maintain an aloe vera plant, you may be able to find aloe vera gel at the store, but all the ones I’ve found have been sticky and not the same consistency as the real plant. Nothing takes the place of the original.

If you don’t want to waste the plant, you can break off an arm and place the unused portion in a sealed baggy and store it in the refrigerator. Aloe vera actually feels better when it’s cold anyway, especially when you are using it on a burn or cut.

Aloe vera gel from the inside of the plant has nerve regenerative properties on skin, and this is why it is recommended for use on skin and particularly on burns. Grandma says you can break off an arm of the aloe vera plant and rub the wet end of the broke aloe vera plant arm directly on a cut or a burn to soothe and help with healing.

With a sunburn, you will want to rub the aloe vera plant all over the skin and reapply regularly to keep the skin moist and supple while it’s healing, so the aloe vera will prevent the skin from drying out.

Aloe vera plant gel can be used on the face to moisturize the face after removing cosmetics or when exposed to the elements like harsh wind or sunlight. Aloe vera gel also makes a great skin care additive to include in your facial care prior to applying cosmetics.

After grandma told me these aloe vera uses, she then told me that aloe vera plants can actually be eaten. She broke off an arm and actually took a bite out of one!

From all she tells me, aloe vera plants are super easy to grow, are great to keep around the house, and you don’t damage them when you break off arms to use. So far, my plant in the kitchen has survived, and I’m horrible about keeping household plants alive. The aloe vera plant grows new arms very easily, so you’ll always have plenty around!