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Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

Chemical Sensitivities Take You Prisoner

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is an environmental illness that literally makes it impossible to leave your home unless you wear protective gear! Some facemasks look like a painter’s mask or gas mask that leave people staring at you in horror, perhaps thinking that there is a neurological gas war going on, like in the movies.

Having millions of people across Canada and millions more in the US with the illness should tell us something about our environment. For some it’s just perfumes and other fragrances, for others it could be any type of cleaning product, newly laid asphalt or food preservatives to name a few.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia have also been linked to the same category as MCS. How best to fight this illness? Avoidance! That’s what one doctor told me. Another said there was no such thing as MCS but couldn’t find one allergy in my body, nor asthma.

Dr. Martin Pall Ph.D’s opinion can be found inYahoogroups that can be accessed in Facebook under the title: The NO! OH NOO! THEORY AND SUGGESTIONS FOR TREATMENT. Articles on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by Martin Pall Ph.D (Posted by Martin Pall on the CFSFMResearch chat group at Yahoogroups.com on March 27th, 2006)

The document states the opinions of five different doctors which basically breaks down to what they call cycle biochemistry’ which is a long list of things to take to break the cycle’ and of courseavoidance. If you can make sense of the document, you might have a chance at becoming well. (yeah!)

For most of us, we can barely make sense of a grocery list, (let alone go into a grocery store) as our minds get so muddled. It would be helpful if in the document the long list of items could be put in layman’s’ terms so we could read and understand what products to purchase.

Most of the MCSers I’ve spoken with have only been able to figure out what makes them ill by process of elimination. One of them lives in a tent for half the year as his apartment makes him ill!

I tend to be ill often, sometimes barely able to get out of bed. Depression is a big part of it as since it’s so frustrating not to be able to do anything. Just walking to the washroom can wear you out, if you actually can get there at all. It all depends on the grade of the MCS you have. Going to the grocery store without a mask is just asking for trouble. Places like funeral parlors, churches even offices can be loaded with fragrances from perfumes to flowers to cleaning products. Heaven forbid you should head for the mall! Again, where is it safe’ to go out?

People, doctors etc, say, “exercise, it will give you energy,” but how do you get started when you have no energy to speak of in the first place.

Basically our bodies are rebelling, saying “You’ve filled me up with so many toxins that I just can’t fight anymore so I’m shutting down!”

If you have Facebook, take a peek at “Lady Itchalot’s Photos – Going public” and Lady Itchalot’s personal pics. Also in Facebook is “The Environmental Illness Resource”, which is filled with information on the malady. See The Many Faces Of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities In Canada’ for photos of people with the illness, and finally, Creation Of A Scent Free Environment’. Or Visit: http://www.ei-resource.org/,

There are many websites now on Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. Try a Google search.

Franny Armstrong