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Mouthwash Reviews

I’ve recently found myself suffering from ‘itchy’ gums for several days now and the ‘it will go away on it’s own’ theory is seriously not working!
Having tried various different approaches of ridding this annoyance from TCP to bonjela I opted to try Corsodyl on the recommendation of several people including good ole’ mum.

I’m not a big fan of mouthwashes generally, but found Dentyl to leave my mouth feeling fresh so up to press have been using this. Unfortunately it hasn’t helped the itching one bit so needs must forced me to purchase a bottle of Corsodyl, which although comes in an original variety I decided to try out the Mint flavour…

The mouthwash itself comes housed in an upright standing, brown plastic bottle that is quite stubby in appearance and veers in slightly towards the neck. It’s noticeable because most mouthwashes normally come in taller more narrow necked shaped bottles, so this stands out immediately due to it’s compactness.

Though the bottle doesn’t look very big it is actually 300ml sized and costs a reasonable £2.89 (from Superdrug).
The promise of it ‘Treats Gum Problems’ is emblazoned across the front of the bottle so I was eager to try it out.

On removing the white screw top lid you are advised to fill with mouthwash to the designated line, which is approximately one third up.
The liquid is clear and the consistency is very watery. This surprised me somewhat as I imagined it to be thicker for some reason, but as long as it works then I wasn’t too concerned.

The first thing I noticed was the strong medicinal scent which though wasn’t too enticing, it wasn’t exactly repulsive either and reminded me of the mouthwash used by dentists.
There are several different options for use depending on the severity of your gum problem(s) which is clearly printed under Directions For Use on the side of the bottle.
As I was using it for my itchy gums it recommended to:

*Fill to the 10ml line in the cap, thoroughly rinse around the mouth for one minute then spit out.*

The taste was exactly the same as I imagined it to be – very medicinal but with a slight hint of mint.
The mouthwash contains alcohol and this is evident, because as soon as you start rinsing it around your mouth it almost seems to numb the entire area completely.

My opinion after using for 10 days..

I was dubious to whether this would actually work as I had tried other remedies but nothing seemed to help.
Though it states it can be used twice a day I at first tried using it just once daily; mainly at bedtime around half an hour after cleaning my teeth.
The effectiveness was almost immediate and it left my mouth – particularly my gums – feeling tingly clean and with a slight numbness.

By day 3 of using Corsodyl I found it had completely eradicated my itchy gum syndrome and my mouth felt fresher and cleaner, despite my regular cleaning regime.

As for recommending this, I wouldn’t hesitate to say try it especially if you are experiencing sore gums, mouth ulcers or have had dental surgery; though it’s best to check with your dentist first if you are not sure.

This is a product I will make sure I always have in and though it’s not something I feel I need to use on a regular basis it definitely does the job when used for a few days consecutively.

Why suffer with painful gums when a few days ‘treatment’ with this is all you need?

*Contains chlorhexidine digluconate
*Not for under 12’s
*Do not exceed the stated dose
*If symptoms persist consult your dentist
*Can cause side effects – see label for full implications