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Motherwort is a herb that is a relative of the mint family. In herbal medicine, it has been used for treating menopause. Other names for this plant are Lion’s Ear or Lion’s Tail. This herb is native to Asia, but it can be found growing worldwide. It is known throughout the world because of it’s use in herbal medicine. The flowers of the motherwort plant blooms between June and August. The flowers range from pink to purple in color. The motherwort plant can be found growing along roadsides or fields.

Motherwort has a very long history of uses in herbal medicine. It was popular for uses in herbal medicine in Europe, Asia, and North America. Midwives have often used this herb as a uterine tonic for prevention of uterine infections. This herb contains properties that produce relaxing effects of smooth muscles. It was often used as a cardiac tonic. The motherwort plant contains flavinoids and vitamin A. The motherwort plant has been recommended for stress. This herb is known to promote relaxation during pregnancy. This herb is not recommended for internal use during pregnancy. In Chinese herbal medicine, this herb was often used to regulate menstuation. This herb is also useful in the treatment of stomach cramps and bloating. In herbal medicine, the leaves of this plant are used fresh or dried. This popular herb has been used in the treatment of insomnia and menopausal problems. It is also used as a diuretic and to treat abdominal pain. When using any herb as a remedy for health problems, please seek the advice of an expert before using. This herb also is known to contain astringent properties. Motherwort is still used in herbal medicine of today. This herb can be used as a treatment for epilepsy. It is used externally as a douche for vaginitis. It has often been used to treat problems with the heart. liver, and kidneys. This herb is being studied today to test the effectiveness of people who have been diagnosed with lupus.

This plant can grow to be about three feet tall. The stem is hairy and red-violet in color. Motherwort is also used for making a dark green dye. Some people may experience allergic reactions to motherwort and get a rash when handling the leaves. It has been known to interfere with certain prescribed medications. Take precaution if you take thyroid medications and consult with your doctor first.