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Most Unusual Ways to Exercise

A fun workout is not for everybody. There are people that don’t even care much if a workout regimen is effective. Sometimes the easiness of a workout is not even a factor.

There is a certain sort of person out there that looks for uniqueness in a workout, first and foremost. These people want to exercises that say to the rest of the world, “Hey! Look at me! Look what I’m doing! You’re not doing this, I am! I’m not average, I’m different!” These people are radical numbers, loose cannons that can go off at any time. Here are exercises gathered from around the globe, remarkable only in their uniqueness.

In the forests of Washington men have been known to climb the tallest redwoods with their girlfriends clinging to their backs like spider monkeys, swinging from tree to tree. Not only is this exercise unique but it is also very dangerous as it puts both people at high risk of falling from great heights. There have been no conclusive studies measuring how effective or healthy this exercise is.

In Japan, participants in full contact kickboxing have been observed doing the splits upon two chairs while throwing shadow punches and meditating. It is thought that this exercise stretches the legs well, but the punches thrown are not rigorous enough to amount to aerobic exercise. Also it is well known that such multitasking is contrary to the purpose of meditation, where the goal is usually to focus upon one thing and do nothing else.

Still fairly unique, but unfortunately gaining popularity in recent years, is the Brazilian fighting style of the capoeira. This is a fighting style that is similar to Tae-Bo, the boxing and dance workout, but is much more crazy. Participants in capoeira can be seen doing silly dances, backflips and break dancing. The nice thing about capoeira is that it is unique enough to raise eyebrows in many circles but common enough to be taught in all major cities and is actually legitimate exercise.

In Russia, boxers are known to train by lifting large nets full of rocks, chasing chickens around a barn, running faster than government agents who are driving cars and punching machines that measure the force of a punch in pounds per square inch. Whatever they hit, they destroy. These exercises may require the help of one or two dedicated friends to help a person perform.

In the end, anybody can do a unique exercise simply by remembering a few things. Perform exercises in exotic locations whenever possible, involve everyday objects not normally associated with exercises, and if possible wear a funny outfit while exercising.