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Most Effective Exercise Dvds

Some of us not only find gyms too pricey to join but also find them extremely intimidating. Big complicated machines and people in designer workout attire watching how you perform are often enough to make your membership just one more New Year’s resolution that is forgotten by February. For much less expense you can equip your home with a small library of exercise dvds that will allow you to workout when you want without the audience participation.

Many of the most effective dvds come from fitness practitioners who have been spreading the message of good health through exercise for some time. These are not fad workouts but ones that are well rounded with a solid foundation of good sense that governs how they’re constructed.

Bodies in Motion: Gilad Janklowicz introduced his half hour fitness program in 1983 when it was the first of its kind on ESPN. Since then he has continued to develop excellent fitness programs on video and dvd. Filmed on a beach in Hawaii, Bodies in Motion not only gives you the hearty benefits of aerobic and weight training but also the good humor and good looks of Gilad himself. He enjoys a rapport with his team, who has been with him for many years, which rubs off in his workouts as great energetic fun. But make no mistake, Gilad was a decathalon champion and knows exactly what he’s doing. Try his Quick Fit series that combines aerobic kick boxing with weight training to get an overall fitness program that targets every area of the body.

The Firm: Started in 1979, The Firm developed aerobic weight training long before anyone else and were creating videos, and later on dvds, to spread this highly effective method to as many people as possible. When The Firm’s first videos hit the stores they seemed like some of the most difficult workouts available. This was because the idea of using free weights with movement hadn’t been widely introduced. As the years went on The Firm franchise began to introduce more and more esoteric equipment marketed as unique and necessary to expected results. Most of this equipment can be dispensed with or modified with simple household items. Look for The Firm’s Cross Trainer series to get workouts that are varied. Their 500 Calorie Workout is a tough, continuous and long routine that may take a few attempts to get all the way through. Pump, Jump and Jab is another tough one that moves quickly and catches you up in its energy. Remember, all the equipment you really need are free weights.

The New York City Ballet Workout: What could be more reliable than the secrets of a renown ballet company that has been making history for six decades? This workout is included because it is the ultimate in flexibility and strength. It is long enough to shop through and find movement that works for you and by the time you get to the end of it you will feel like you’ve grown three inches. The posture achieved by doing dancer training is uniquely beautiful but the wonder of this workout is the comfortable feeling of being inside your body. This is not a workout that intimidates by pushing anyone to become a prima ballerina. It is a workout that coaxes your body towards strong but gracefully flexible alignment and toning.

If collecting a library of exercise dvds is the best way for you to achieve fitness just remember that there are many on the market. These are not highly expensive to purchase and you may even do much better by looking in used bookstores to begin your collection rather than shopping online. You don’t need to purchase a lot of specialized equipment to achieve results. Supplementing your dvds with sneakers and a set of free weights can start you out towards your fitness goals in the home.