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Mio Motion Strapless Heart Rate Watch Description

Boosting your exercise routine involves more than just adding on workout days or designating a larger space for working out in the home. You should also keep in mind the accessories and equipment you use in your workouts.

Some accessories are designed to make exercise more enjoyable (e.g., an mp3 player to listen to your favorite tunes), while other electronic devices can be used as a distraction. Audio book readers or eBook readers like the Nook or Kindle, for example, can be great for working out because they provide a way to pass the time while exercising, and may even extend your workout.

Still other exercise products are meant for more than the purpose of distraction or entertainment during your workout. One such popular product is the MIO Motion+ Strapless Heart Rate Watch.

This device looks and feels like a simple wristwatch but has a variety of different features that are instrumental in making for a productive workout. The MIO technology includes an ability to read heart rate, calories burned, steps taken, speed and distance traveled. The product description boasts: “Trusted MIO technology, now with an onboard accelerometer for unparalleled motion sensing accuracy, is equipped to revolutionize the way people achieve their lifestyle goals.”€

While some heart rate monitors require a chest strap, the MIO Motion+ Strapless Heart Rate Watch allows for a readout through a simple wristwatch. Users input their age, weight, height and gender to give an accurate readout for appropriate heart rate during exercise.

The heart rate function of this device is able to be programmed to target key heart rate zones and even has alerts for upper and lower heart rates. The device utilizes MIO’€™s 3,500 Calorie Club Program to make for an all-encompassing product for maximizing the workout experience.

This is a great product for use in a wide variety of different exercises. The device gives accurate readout information for jogging through the neighborhood but also helps add comfort to workout equipment. Many people prefer using outside heart rate products rather than the heart rate sensor handles on exercise equipment due to the more relaxed feel of the device. MIO Motion+ Strapless Heart Rate Watch can make for a more comfortable workout experience. And with a reasonable price tag, this product can be well worth the investment.