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Milk does it do you Good or not

Milk does it do you good or not?

Milk contains protein, calcium, saturated fat and vitamin C and is a large part of the modern diet.
Healthy milk comes from healthy cows which spend their days living on and eating green pasture. Unfortunately many cows from which we feed are being kept in intense confinement, hooked up to milking machines and being fed hormones and antibiotics, corn and soy.
Therefore in deciding whether milk is good for us to drink and nurture our health we need to know where our milk comes from.

There are many more choices of milk these days and some of these are not very good at all. Conventional milk is pasteurized, homogenized and may contain hormones, antibiotics and even genetically modified organism depending on the cow’s diet and is increasingly not a healthy choice to make in the way of milk. There are low-fat milks which have had the fat removed and in its place is powdered milk concentrate making the low fat milk a very high protein product which needs more of the bodies nutrients to then process this protein. This is also not a very healthy choice to make.

Your choice of what you buy is becoming better day by day. Organic milk which is free of antibiotics and pesticides and Genetically modified organisms is very popular these days and is higher in conjugated linoleic acid which is an immune function booster. Raw milk straight from the cow is superior in quality and is becoming more available in good organic outlets. Such milk is not pasteurized or homogenized and is from healthy, grass-fed cows at certified organic farms.

If you drink conventional cows milk that is not organic and is pasteurized then there are many ensuing problems associated such as lactose intolerance and milk allergies. Abdominal discomfort and diarrhea are common symptoms of a condition which is called lactose intolerance. This occurs in people who are deficient in lactase, an enzyme that works to digest the lactose or milk sugar. It is the process of pasteurization rather than the milk itself that causes the enzyme proteins and essential bacteria to be destroyed. Such problems are avoided if one is to drink raw milk straight from the cow which is unpasteurized.

Conventional milk may also contain genetically modified organisms as GM feed is now being fed to cows in many parts of the world and there have been few scientific studies done on the GM canola to determine whether it is safe for cows or for human consumption. Therefore it is important to make sure that you drink raw, organic milk which has been not been pasteurized and which does not contain Genetically modified organisms, antibiotics, hormones or pesticides.
Milk is a very good food for you if it is consumed as nature intended.