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Mental Illness the Life Long Battle for Understanding and Acceptance – Disagree

To begin, there will more than likely never be enough resources to help those that suffer from mental illness. What most people, generally those that do not suffer from any type of mental illness, do not understand is that it is not something that can be cured. It is generally something that one is born with, and must learn to live with for the duration of their life.

There are also illnesses, such as PTSD, that people develop at some point in their life. Though there are many people that are able to control their mental illness it does not go away. Yes, there are various things being done to help people with their illnesses, but there are also many factors that people overlook. One of those being that one treatment does not always work for everyone, even those that suffer from the same illness.

Some people just need counseling while others require medication and intensive care. There are also many people, let’s call them hypochondriacs, that may have a few symptoms and run straight to the doctor. This then makes it more difficult for people actually suffering to get medical attention.

It also makes it more difficult to get the correct treatment, because some psychologists have adapted the ‘weeding out’ method to separate the attention seekers from those that actually have a mental illness. This makes the treatment process a lot longer and more frustrating, and for those actually suffering they generally feel over looked and do not return.

Unfortunately, mental illnesses are something that will never truly be understood or even accepted. It is hard to explain to someone that has no personal experience with it without being written off as a crazy person. It takes time, patience and continual regulation of counseling and sometimes medication to even begin to control ones mental illness.

Though it is a sad reality for those with mental illnesses, they will more than likely never be completely understood, and are even at times ostracized for something that did not choose.

One thing that must be understood by everyone, especially those that are not suffering, is that mental illness or not, people are still people, and one of the best things for someone that is suffering is knowing that they are not being judged. Just because one may not completely understand the issue, they can still choose to educate themselves on the matter and accept those for who they are.