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Mental Health Recovery

This article will be dealing with the after effects of a nervous breakdown. Once help has been found and one feels that life is returning to normal, how to get back into the mainstream of life even though the scars are still there. You might like to check out this article for the steps prior to this.

Many people, professionals included, think that once a person has recovered from a nervous breakdown that is it. One can just go back to how things were before everything went horribly wrong and you can rejoin “normal” life as if nothing had happened. It doesn’t work like that.

One of the scariest things about recovery is actually the recovery itself. When a person gets into the cycle of treatment and counselling and volunteer groups it starts to become a way of life. This then replaces what they were used to and a routine is formed that can be very hard to break. A relapse can take place if the person feels that they have to recover and that they will be forced back into the lifestyle that they associate with the nervous breakdown. This can then lead to a resistance to recovery because the recovery will mean to them an end of their now comfortable lifestyle. When I say comfortable I mean that in a familiarity sense, for the “outside” world can start to seem more frightening especially with the prospect of having to rejoin a system that perhaps lead the person to their collapse.

In most cases recovery means now being able to cope with the pressure and stress when it starts to build up again. Whatever these methods might be it is important to remember that you are different to how you once were and that you always will be. This is a good thing to realize for it shows you just how far you have come and reveals the great amount of resolve and inner strength that you actually have. This is important for it gives you an extra boost of confidence when things start to look a bit fragile again and can help you from spiralling downwards. There is often a sense of failure when things get too much again and you feel you have relapsed. Mood swings will always come around again yet you should look at this as an upward spiral. In other words you seem to have come full circle again, yet you are higher up than you previously were. This is important to realize so that you can get that sense of moving onwards and upwards despite what you might be feeling.

It is good to stay in touch with friends made along the way, yet it is also important not to constantly look back and reminisce on circumstances that lead up to your situation. To start surrounding yourself with positive people and positive circumstance is vital at this stage. You will always remember what happened to you yet it is now time to focus on the positive using your new found strength and courage.

Many people like to forget it all and go back to “normal”, yet if you have an inspiring story to tell then do so. It can really make all the difference to someone listening to a motivated speaker or reading an inspirational article. It shows that recovery is possible and just the idea of healing being possible is what can bring the actual healing about.

Times might get tough again but please remember that you got this far and should now have some powerful coping mechanisms to deal with whatever circumstance you might encounter. From your own resolve to methods suggested by groups and professionals, it is important to test out these mechanisms to keep you afloat in rocky waters. Please have a read of this article.

Recovery is a funny term, for the person recovered is actually a different person in many ways. To know this will alleviate the fears of returning to the life that you had, for that life is gone. You now have a life ahead of you where you can demonstrate your strength and courage and you will have an inspirational tale to tell that could make a huge difference to someone in similar circumstances. This author’s breakdown was the best thing that happened to him and the lessons learnt and the tales to tell will always be there for anyone who is seeking solace from the fragmented nature of modern lifestyle and society.