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Medical Guide to a Childs Annual Wellness Exam

Maintaining optimal health for our children is one of a parents highest goals. If we are blessed with children we hold that responsibility in our hands. Well check ups for your child will be essential to monitoring their growth and development. There should be regular Well baby check-ups from the time they are born until the age of twenty. Most often they are pre -scheduled :

1-3 months: ………During this time period infants are closely monitored for weight gain, growth and developmental mile marks. For those parents that are following the recommended immunizations. They will be given during these visits. All health care providers are required to give parents an up to date information sheet on each immunization before it is given. Well check- ups are also the time to express any concerns or ask any questions. There will be a planned schedule of immunizations during Well check- ups.

3-9months ………. You will be discussing your child’s nutrition. Breast feeding or milk or soy based formula will continue with Iron fortified baby cereal and jarred baby or mashed foods. It would be important to only introduce one new food at a time. In the event that the child has an allergy or an intolerance . Written guidelines on how to introduce foods into the diet are usually given.

The baby teeth may be causing some transient discomfort. Your pediatrician will advise you. Your pediatrician will {during the 6months }visit , observe to see that your child is using both hands to hold a bottle and can pick up small items, or cheerios using thumb and first finger.

9-12 months:……..In addition to the continued assessment of growth and development of your child. The pediatrician may check your child for anemia. This will confirm for you and the pediatrician that your child is without any type of anemia that would require intervention. Babbles may have turned into the long awaited “Mama” or” Dada” . And your child should exhibit some independent behavior in feeding self.

12-18 months……During this time, there is some speech development. Your pediatrician will also check that when standing, your child’s feet are in correct alignment if beginning to walk. This is the time when correct shoes are important , or any corrective shoes if needed. Your child should be picking up and eating finger foods, grasping spoon and holding cup with both hands.

2 years……The pediatrician will at this time.check weight and height to see that your child has age appropriate development. The observation will include . Is the child having age appropriate sentences? Climbing, and interest in scribbling etc.

3 years.. During this routine Well child evaluation, in addition to weight and height , hearing and vision may be checked. And the blood pressure may be taken. A child of this age often exhibits food preferences. However, may be distracted by other things of more interest.

4 years……This visit is preschool age, with the routine Well child assessment . Information will be given in preparation for the next set of immunizations. This can be given at the age of 4 or 5 years. This age often looks for adult approval. Likes to interact , playtime and being read to.


5-6years…This Well visit allows your pediatrician to see your child’s physical and social accomplishments during the year. It may include a check of urine, blood, and blood pressure. A child will often interact with the pediatrcian

Yearly well check ups should continue to follow your child’s growth and development. The adolescent years need close monitoring. With pubescent and adolescent heath care. There should be the provision of education for your child related to developmental changes, sexuality ,and information on how to access available teen information .