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Manual vs Electric Toothbrushes

Dental hygiene, how can it be easier and more fun while making a profit. That was the idea behind the electric toothbrush. The question is whether or not it is any better than the plan old manual we have all been using for so long.

Firstly, we all know how to use a plain old toothbrush. They come in different sizes for your hand and bristle firmness for your gums. You can get cheap ones, or those with your favorite cartoon character. Some even include a tongue cleaner, that’s if you can use it without gagging. There is nothing wrong with a normal toothbrush, they work just fine also as you take the needed time to brush properly.

Electric toothbrushes however a newer and fancy. Their prices can be over ten times the amount of a normal toothbrush. Most are rechargeable, but some require batteries. They can spin or move back and forth. And yes some of them now come with characters on them too. So where is the big difference?

Studies show electric toothbrushes are more effective than manual ones when it comes to removing plaque and reducing gingivitis. However these studies are shown on first time users of the electric brushes, making it possible that they are in fact enticed by the new toothbrush and using it longer and more thoroughly than the manual one. What really matters in the end though is not what the studies show but what you prefer.

Most electric toothbrushes are designed like those used at dental offices. They have one small round head that spins. While they do remove plaque more evenly in hard to reach places and move must faster than you ever could with a manual toothbrush they do not cut down on the amount of time needed to brush your teeth.

I would only really recommend an electronic toothbrush if you currently find you have trouble removing all the plaque build up on your teeth on your own. Electronic toothbrushes can be expensive and so are the head replacements. One good thing is one toothbrush with multiple heads can work for the whole family. It is best to get one that is rechargeable and preferably had different colored heads so that family members don’t get confused on whose is whose.

For younger children an electric toothbrush with a timer is a very good idea. This way you can know they are brushing for at least a min, though I think for little ones it should be a little longer. However, most rechargeable toothbrushes do not have smaller sized heads. This is something to keep in mind if you plan on purchasing on and use it with a child.

Personally I think manual and electronic toothbrushes have the same effectiveness when used correctly. Think of price and the length you will use the brush before you buy it. If you think you might not like it after you try it, spending $100 or more is not the best idea. I use to use an electric my father had bought. After moving out I haven’t bought one of my own and frankly my teeth are doing better than ever. Though if I had the money I’d probably buy electric anyway.