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Manage a Child Complaining of a Blocked Nose

To manage a child complaining of a blocked nose without resorting to harsh medicines, which in any case should always be avoided where possible and more in the case of children, is not so difficult. It is very uncomfortable when a child has a blocked nose and while you may try to reason with them explaining that they can still breathe through their mouth, they are not going to stay very satisfied with that explanation and will continue to moan and groan i.e. complain!

The first you can do is to prepare a bowl of boiling water to which a few spoonfuls of Vicks Vapour Rub have been added. Put a towel over the child’s head and ask it to inhale up through his nose as much of the vapour as possible. The moist air will help a great deal in firstly loosening up the blockage to make it easier for your child to blow out the blockage into a handkerchief after and secondly the aroma of the Vicks Vapour Rub will open up the nasal passages and so leave more room for air to pass through.

Once his nose feels a little less blocked two drops of saline nose drops can safely be used in each nostril which will further decongest his nose. Saline drops are solely made out of salt and water and clear one’s nose in much the same and healthy way as a dive into the sea does! These drops are easily available at any chemist and do not require any medical prescription.

When it comes to night time, noses have a tendency to block up even more when lying down in a horizontal position so just for the nights that your child is uncomfortable with his blocked nose, give him an extra pillow so that his head is a little more elevated than usual.

What will help as well is to place a few drops of eucalyptus oil on a handkerchief on his pillow or even some drops of this oil on the collar of his pyjamas. With the warmth of his body the scent of eucalyptus will reach his nostrils and help to keep his nasal passageway clear.

And finally one can use those band aids which in some countries are called ‘Breathe Right’ which are placed over the nose in such a way so as to open up the opening of the nostrils as wide as possible and thus allowing much more air to enter.