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Man as Creator should Sperm be Created from Female Marrow – No

As a human being I find the fact that scientific experiments have come to the fore whereby science can now cut out the male species really scary. Science fiction is no longer what it used to be, it has become a reality and man has become a God by due process.
What is being proposed is a veritable Pandora’s box in the making and a new line of human species is possible and brings alive the words found in the beginning of Genesis, “Let’s make man in our image.”

The findings are, in one sense exciting by the term discovery; however the implications by educated standards and the reliance on faith and faith threatened is quite scary.

Basic concerns outline that people are looking at some controversial solutions to problem solve some debatable situations and yet in due process are not really addressing the main issues. These issues are that apparently British scientists have found away to turn female marrow into sperm, which in turn could cut men out of the process of fathering a child.

Avenues by this process are opened for lesbian couples to have children genetically their own. Also by process could also allow Gay men to promote this absurdity even though the scientists say it is only to aid infertile people? However, critics and my reason for raising this issue are warning of the implications of fatherless children and the next race of humans, which could be conceived through artificial means.

Where will this entire situation stop, if there is a stopping point? Will it undermine the values of a God in our lives, the balance of faith? Could it in fact substantiate faith in knowing about creation or origin of a species through selection; which certainly won’t be natural? It is certainly going to change the concept of man and mans concept of himself.
The author for one feels that a big “NO” should be said against all of this, man needs some mystery in his life, well this life anyway. What creation comes in the future will be accepting of it if they are a result of its process and will know nothing else other than the cognitive values they grow with?

Is it the beginning of the end, as we know it, or is it where man should be in the eyes of God? Or is this the work of a big brother influence in its attempts to rule the world, which we derive from scripture in the face of Satan or the prince of this world? What ever it is, man is on the brink of an epic new voyage with all preconceived ideas to be thoroughly challenged.

In conclusion what ever we as man will be, in spirit clothed in flesh, or we be good or bad, happy or sad; led by spiritual influences other than ourselves with a concept of humanity. We cannot change what God has ordained by His presence within us. We must though be good stewards of what is to come and not use as a destroyer of ourselves to support that which we cannot see and that which rules our lives.

Information source:

Fiona Macrae of the Daily Mail in London who wrote an article implying, “No need for a Dad” and was featured in the Advertiser in South Australia.