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Making Time to Workout

Exercise. It’s not a dirty word.

If you were to ask why most people don’t workout , I would bet the main answer would be, time. Well, time is never on anyone’s side. However, that does not mean you can’t make time to workout. In fact, I would argue that time does not mean a thing. It just depends on you.

Here are five tips on making time to work out, even if you enjoy watching TV and vegging out on the couch.

Tip 1: Ankle Weights. Buy yourself some ankle weights at your local gym store and strap them on. Adding that additional weight to your normal daily walking may just burn those unnecessary calories from lunch, plus you would get a good work out in. Walk with them on as long as you can, or at least to you sit down.

Tip 2: An exercise ball. Whether you are in the office, at home, or in front of the TV, exercise balls can be a truly useful workout tool. Let’s say you are watching an episode of your favorites reality show. Well, grab an exercise ball and start working out. Crunches, push-ups, and many more exercise can be performed using an exercise ball. My suggestions would be to use the ball during commercials. The way commercials play on TV you could get in 5 minutes of exercise every commercial break. That’s a healthy workout and you don’t even need to leave the television. Wow.

Tip 3: Join a 24 hour gym. So you say your gym is always closed when you are available. Join a 24 hour gym. Yes, they do exist. Now be fair warned, if you were to join a 24 hour gym, be mindful you can never complain about time again. I am just saying, you can’t use the ‘gym’s closed’ excuse to your friends or family in explaining your inability to work out.

Tip 4: Free weights. Buy some home free weights. Go with the cheapest you can find. 10lbs is 10lbs, right. Just as in tip 2, use the weights in front of the TV or even with the exercise ball. The fact that you catch your latest TV programs and workout should be a no-brainer.

Finally, tip 5: Make time. Think about your day. Was there ever a period where you were not doing anything for 30 minutes straight? That’s right, only 30 minutes. Perhaps you were spending thirty minutes scanning the TV lineup for your favorite show. Imagine that 30 minutes being used as a time to work out.

Time, time, time. If only I could tell you how often one hears that. Remember time is what you make of it. Everyone is given 24 hours a day regardless of Job, title, or schedule. Time is on your side, you just need to find it.