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Make Exercise Habitual

The very thought of exercise used to make me cringe! I was averse to it; I used to love relaxing in my armchair in front of the tv! However, I noticed that I was starting to become very tired and I just was not doing much at all and my joints were starting to cry out for some movement! So, for the past five years I have made a tremendous change in my life in that I have been exercising on a regular basis. I have suddenly realised that by exercising on a regular basis not only do you start to look good physically; you also start to experience the feel good factor mentally.

Now, if you have never done any form of exercise you can be forgiven for feeling slightly intimidated about this very subject! The good news is, no matter where you are in life, no matter how many pounds you have around the waistline, you can get off to a great start by taking things slow. I guess you have to ask yourself some serious questions! What kind of exercise would appeal to you? Do you fancy the idea of starting a jogging regime? You may decide that this is not for you and you would rather take a short walk on a daily basis. Whatever form of exercise you decide to do it can only benefit you and I can virtually guarantee that your efforts will pay off.

Here’s my story! I love to exercise and I don’t have much money so I have never gone down the road of joining a gym. Joining a gym and paying monthly may be attractive to a lot of people but I didn’t fancy this idea myself. I am quite self-conscious and I love to exercise in the privacy of my own home. So, how do I exercise? Where did I begin? Well, as you know, we have cable and satellite these days and there are countless shopping channels being displayed! Throughout the five years that I have been doing regular exercise I have bought several exercise machines and I have to say, I am extremely pleased with them. I exercise three times per week for about twenty minutes and this seems to work for me.

It is your choice whether you want to purchase home exercise equipment but, from personal experience I would certainly recommend this, it’s certainly a lot cheaper than visiting a gym on a regular basis. Anyway, the three machines that I purchased were the Gazelle Freestyle xl, the Ab Lounge xl and the Totalgym xli! My entire body is given a good workout with these three pieces of equipment. The Gazelle Freestyle xl gives me an excellent cardio workout and it simulates walking as well as running and is an excellent piece of equipment for stretching exercises. The Ab Lounge xl speaks for itself, it works my abdominal area and is very comfortable to use, there’s none of those ab crunches on the floor! Finally, the Totalgym xli gives me the muscle workout that I need! By using these three machines I am exercising all areas of the body. My flat is nothing less than a gym now; I need to dance around the machines in order to access the kitchen!

So, if you are just starting out, as always, you should check with your gp or doctor and tell them exactly what kind of exercise you are interested in doing and you can follow their advice. I think that generally, you should begin with perhaps ten minutes of exercise daily whether this be walking or jogging for the first time. It’s not that difficult and you really will reap the benefits. You may find that you start to lack motivation and this is certainly an area that I have had trouble with. The way I help myself with this is I listen to positive, upbeat music whilst I am exercising! By listening to music as I am exercising, this really keeps me motivated and I always keep coming back for more.

So, there you have it! Take exercise seriously and take it slowly when you are first starting out. Love your body and your body will love you in return. Just remember, there’s nothing stopping you but you! Take that first step and make this the best year ever in terms of reaching your fitness goals. Good luck.