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Lung Capacity as it Relates to Health

Lung capacity has everything to do with health. How much air can you breathe in? This is known as lung capacity and has everything to do with how healthy you are. On exhaling You breath out stale air or carbon dioxide and you exchange this stale air for fresh new oxygen when you inhale. This new oxygenated air is carried by the blood stream via its arteries to every part of your body. When a part of your body is lacking in this new rejuvenated nourishing system, then it falters and is not up to the task it is assigned to do.

Even distinct parts of your body such as the feet suffer when there is some blockage in a artery or vein that deprives it of the needed oxygenated air. Many people have bluish feet that are sore and aching and showing signs of neglect and disease simply from this lack.
In order to effectively treat them many forms of therapy are used. The most important and most successful of these are means by which fresh blood with new stores of oxygen are permitted to again circulate among the small capillaries that service the feet.

The same with the other bodily systems. When the brain is suffering from a lack of lung capacity, often there is dizziness a lack of co-ordination. This is a vital organ that when it is lacking all other bodily systems suffer. It’s two fold. If he lung capacity is not up to par, then the brain functions at low ebb and since one of its functions is to regulate the bodily systems, then this inability likewise has a secondary effect on the lungs.

Thus it is with the heart. When the important pumping mechanism of the heart that distributes the blood that carries the oxygen is lacking in its nourishment and upkeep, it is not up to pumping the blood necessary to supply itself. In other words, if it is working below capacity for its needs, then the lungs that is need is also affected.

Every organ of the body depends on an ample supply of air oxygen the lungs supply in order to work efficiently, and when something is wrong with one of these systems, all suffer. The body is about the only equal opportunity employer there is. What one part does has reverberations throughout. But this is not a bad thing, when one part of the body is in need all systems come to the rescue.

So, be good to yourself and treat your lungs to as much good fresh air as is possible. When dining out do not sit in smoke filled rooms, or do not needlessly engage in activities that do damage to these most vital of systems, better known as the lungs.