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Low self Esteem

Most people know that low self-esteem is not a good thing. However, many people do not truly realize how badly it can taint your view of the world. It causes you to see things as your fault that have nothing to do with you. It can cause people to get involved in abusive relationships because they think they don’t deserve any better, or to stay in an abusive relationship once they are in one. It can cause people to believe they are unloved in spite of how much love they are shown by others. Ultimately, the low self-esteem can cause a person to fall into such a deep depression that there is no escape.

Healthy self-esteem is necessary for developing healthy relationships, and for being able to have a healthy outlook on life. Although many people have some degree of low self esteem or something they don’t like about themselves, most people have a pretty healthy view of themselves in spite of a few flaws. However, there are a select few that are so unhappy with themselves that their views of the world and the people around them are so tainted as to believe that everyone and everything is against them.

These are the people who believe if something happens to someone they know, they are quick to take the blame for it. If someone they know doesn’t qualify for a mortgage, they automatically blame the $5 that they borrowed 15 years ago and didn’t pay back in time. If their friend doesn’t have time to talk to them because of a family emergency, this means that their friend doesn’t like them anymore, and they are suddenly wondering what is wrong with them that nobody likes them.

In an effort to make people like them, they will bend over backwards. They will loan out money that may or may not be repaid. They will offer free babysitting. They will allow themselves to be taken advantage of until they don’t even know who they are anymore, beyond being a help to everyone around them. These are wonderful people, but they always seem to have that dark cloud following them around. They are so sweet, that it’s hard to believe they have brought on their own bad luck, but they have, because they have allowed themselves to get so lost in helping others that they no longer have an identity of their own. They are sweet, loving trusting people, and if you meet one, give this person a compliment, and be one of the few people that does not take advantage of them. Be the person that helps them to build up their self esteem, and not one of the many that has helped to destroy it.