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Lose Weight the Slimming World way

As obesity becomes a global issue, many people are looking for effective ways to reduce their size and become healthier. However, the word Diet has most people running for the hills, (or at least the fridge) in horror. It conjures up images of depravation, misery and lettuce with everything. Relax people and take your head from out of the cookie jar. I am here to tell you about an amazing way of eating, where you will never feel hungry, never feel deprived and which lets you have treats such as alcohol and chocolate everyday.
“Get out of here” I hear you cry. I assure you it’s true, and there’s more. You can eat as much as you like of what is termed “free foods” which is no doubt great news for those with huge appetites.
It is based on a principal called Food Optimising. You can choose to either eat mostly protein or mostly carbohydrates. This is how it works. On a protein day you can eat freely of the following, fresh or frozen fruit, vegetables, eggs, very low fat dairy products and vegetable proteins such as tofu. On a carbohydrate day you can eat freely of fresh or frozen fruit, vegetables, eggs, very low fat dairy products and vegetable proteins such as tofu, plus vegetables and pulses, rice pasta and grains.
On both days you can also choose healthy extras, either as snacks or to accompanying your meals. You must make 2 choices from the dairy section, such as 350ml of skimmed milk or 250ml of semi skimmed milk. You can also enjoy 28g of your favourite cheese or 42g if it is reduced fat. Then you also make choices from cereals, bread and crisp bread and on a protein day pulses or a small portion of pasta or potatoes, and on a carbohydrate day 2 dairy choices as on protein, and 2 small portions around 85g of meat, fish and poultry. You may also use 1 tablespoon of oil as a healthy choice.
You can snack freely on fruit and very low fat yoghurt (yes even flavoured ones) and you can also have treats, such as a small chocolate bar, or a glass or wine, or reduced fat chips.
Because you can eat as much as you like of the free foods, you never feel hungry. You can chooses to alternate the kind of food you have or you can choose to stick to mostly protein or carbohydrates. Either way the pounds will melt away before your eyes.
I stick to protein because I have found that it gives me a quicker weight loss, and I love to make things like crust less quiche or cottage pie using turnip instead of mashed potato. They are both delicious meals.
In the four months I have been food optimising I have lost 28lbs and gone from a size 18 down to a size 14 and it’s still coming off. I can now wear clothes that I haven’t been able to get near in years. It’s a pity they have gone out of fashion, but you can’t have everything I suppose.
I have tried weight watches, but it didn’t work for me. I felt hungry a lot of the time. I tried the Atkins, but I couldn’t cope with all that fat. I have even been down the route of diet shakes. Now what is that all about? Ladies I like something I can chew. I would drink one those babies and be looking around for my next course.
The programme also recommends that you do some exercise. Now I am not talking about a regime a la the Biggest Loser, pounding a treadmill until you puke. No, something more gentle, like dancing, cycling, swimming or just plain good old walking. The dog will thank you, believe me. Even housework and gardening counts as exercise, so get out and clean those windows or mow the lawn. No not with the ride on mower, that’s just plain cheating.
So throw away the high fat, high calorie comfort food and try it. You might like it, and I promise you that if you stick to it, and get up off the couch for at least 15 minutes a day, then you will discover that under those chins and assorted wobbly bits, there is a hot, gorgeous, good looking babe, ready to strut her stuff. Good luck.