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Lose Weight before Wedding

It seems that almost every bride wishes to lose weight before the wedding. It is hard to say if there is just one reason behind this craze, but it certainly seems clear that most brides, no matter their size, want to shed some pounds before the big day. So why do women put so much pressure on themselves in this way?

-The dress-
This may be the most popular reason for women to try and lose weight before their weddings. The dress is one of the most iconic symbols of the wedding, and most women put a lot of time and energy into finding just the right one. It makes sense that a bride would want to look her best in the dress of her choice, and for many brides the term “best” is synonymous with “thinnest”. It can be perceived that a dress will look better on a lankier girl than on one with a curvy body, depending on its cut, so many women will want to slim down to achieve that “runway” look.

-The honeymoon-
For some women, it is not so much the wedding as the honeymoon that is the most important part of the marriage rituals. These women may want to try and look their best for that first real alone time with their husbands.

Those photographs and that video will last forever, and many brides want to make sure that their bodies are at their best so that those records reflect an ideal figure. It may sound a little vain, but to be honest, it is as good a motivator as any other – after all, we always want our weddings to go off without a hitch and look perfect, so why shouldn’t we want the people to also look great?

-Life after the wedding-
A lot of brides use the wedding as motivation for making a real and lasting lifestyle change. So many people try diet after diet without success, but when facing a good motivator like a wedding, they may find more luck. This one goal (losing weight to look good for the wedding) can become a goal that lasts a lifetime (losing weight for a healthier life with her spouse). Of course, if a bride is not necessarily overweight to the point of being unhealthy, she may still want to use the wedding as an excuse to finally drop – and keep off – those last five pounds.