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Loosing Weight without Diet

No exercise, no starving, no drugs, and again loosing fat… Just little changes in your life style may lead you loosing weight. These small changes will regulate your hormones, alter your digestive system and boost your metabolic rate. Of course, you must not expect to get results within few days, but at the end of a year you can loose at least %3 your body weight by fat. These lifestyle changes are listed below.

Sleep Adjustment:

How: Get at least 7-8 hour night sleep, in a dark room without noise. Make sure that all light sources, esp. instruments with led lights are completely off. Never sleep while TV or computer turned on.

Why: This kind of sleep will allow growth hormone to excrete at maximum. Growth hormone is very important for loosing weight. It will keep your body anabolic, increase your metabolic rate, and thus provide fat burning.

Dairy Products in Each Meal:

How: Preferably low fat dairy products without sugar, eaten with meal.

Why: Calcium ions in dairy products combine with fatty acids coming from the food, creating soapy like substances, making fats digested less. It is proven that, people who eat dairy products in each meal throws away more undigested fat. Thus you can get fewer calories from what you have eaten.

Snack Between Meals:

How: Eat something healthy 2 hours after your main meals. Preferably; fruits, nuts or dairy products.

Why: First reason is, they will suppress your hunger before your main meals and make you eat less. Another reason is, blood glucose levels would not fluctuate and prevent you from storing fat. The last reason is, these snacks will avoid your body to enter starving mode which slows down your metabolism.

Drink Your Water Cold:

How: When you are thirsty, drink your water as cold as possible.

Why: One of main energy consumption of the body is the heat loss. When you drink cold water, your core temperature will drop a bit, and your body will burn more calories to heat itself.

5 Cups of Green Tea:

How: Drink 5 cups of greet tea without sugar in every 2-3 hours.

Why: Green tea has mild amount of caffeine and high amount of antioxidants. This combination acts as thermogenic compound which will allow you to burn 80-100 calories more.

Feel Cold:

How: Turn your heater down or wear thin.

Why: As mentioned above, when your body tries to heat itself, it burn calories more.

There is no speedy solution for becoming fit. These tips would allow you to burn 200-300 kcal for each day. But never forget; dieting and exercising would help you achieving your weight goals quicker.