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Living with a Disability Requires the Ability to Meet Challenges

A life with a disability is a challenging life ,filled with frustrations on every level. A disabled person may cringe at the titles given to them by society. Handicap is one of those titles, that most people with disabilities don’t care to be classified or identified as a handicap person. This title implies that you’re a beggar on the street, just waiting for a handout. Most people believe you have nothing at all to contribute to society. Society might look at a disabled person with scorn and pity. They may not realize a disabled person sees them staring at them and recognizes that look of disdain in their eyes.

Many disabled people aren’t born with any physical challenges. A person that becomes disabled as an adult has a difficult adjustment period. While, accepting that things have changed drastically feels like a punishment within itself. The majority of people can’t ever imagine how it feels to be unable to walk or care for yourself. At times , this state of immobility makes you feel useless and in the way of people living there life and conducting themselves in a “normal” manner. A disabled person that can stay on task is accomplishing a great deal for that day.

A disabled person might wake up in the morning and make an assessment of their challenges for that day.A disabled person without the use of working limbs would find it challenging just to get dressed in the morning. Just imagine, the difficulty of getting completely dressed with one working arm and hand. There might be a challenge in putting on and fastening a bra and putting on panty hose is akin to crossing the Nile River on a surf board. Certainly, it can be accomplished, with a degree of difficulty.A disabled person undergoes this type of scenario, most days of their life.

How do they do it?, you might ask. Intestinal fortitude and the will to be independent is what most people with disabilities strive for. As each day presents a new challenge, a disabled person must always focus on the end result. That might entail falling down. But, the challenge is getting back up and trying again. No doubt, it is a daunting concept to live your life as a disabled person.

Then a disabled person, might come to this realization, as a disabled person you are now challenged to live your life with this disability to the bestof your ability. A disabled person might feel insecure and ashamed of their situation. The reason for this shame and guilt is fostered on them by people that avoid eye contact with them or constantly say that they’re sorry. For an example, “I’m sorry, let me get that door for you.” Sure, it’s a gracious gesture. But, disabled people don’t like to hear.”I’m sorry” as you help them in any way.

As a disabled person, you must summon up the courage and the self motivation to face the challenges that each day may bring. These challenges are conquered when you’re able to accomplish minute tasks such as dressing yourself, feeding yourself and just going about the business of daily living.

Very soon society will see that a disability forces the ability to carry on.A disabled person wants you to look them in the eye and treat them with respect. A disabled person is exactly the same as a person without a disability.

Of course there are different degrees of disability. Yet, what ever the degree, a disabled person wants to feel independent and capable of taking care of themselves.