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Kundalini Yoga for better Health

There may be a time in your life when you know that changes must take place. It may be a time when your physical or emotional state is weak and you’re not able to improve things with conventional medicine and exercise. The practice of Kundalini Yoga can provide you with life changing techniques that will benefit your overall physical health, increase your consciousness and mental clarity and help you to redirect the path of your life. Kundalini yoga is not just another form of yoga exercise; it is truly a lifestyle that incorporates yoga, as well as many other healthy regimes into ever day life in order to achieve “health, happiness and holiness”.

If there is something in particular that you would like to heal or improve upon a certified Kundalini yoga instructor (trained in the teachings of Yogi Bhajan) is whom you should see. A teacher of Kundalini will analyze your lifestyle by asking you questions about your daily activities, such as what you eat and drink, the way that you sleep and your level of physical activity. He will also do a brief physical check, by looking at your tongue, eyes, pulse, and spine. Usually any known problems can be discussed with this person, including personal ones. A kundalini yoga master should be non judgmental and only interested in helping you feel physically and emotionally more accomplished.

There is a lot to learn about kundalini and if you are serious about participating in it, it’s strongly recommended that you read as much as you can concerning their beliefs and practices. You will see that each and every theory has a good explanation for why it is incorporated into the practice.

Kundalini yoga poses are similar to most other forms of yoga, but kundalini is a method of yoga that aims to regulate the energy that manifests in the 7 chakras of the body. The belief is that when there is a physical or emotional imbalance, it‘s represented by an overflow of energy in a certain chakra (or many) and a need for energy in another. This energy can be balanced by yoga moves and breathing, as well as daily lifestyle changes in eating, sleeping and mental activity. The 1st chakra is located at the base of the sacrum bone and the 7th is at the top of the head, click here to see an image and explanation of all 7 chakras.

An example of the way that your life can improve through the practice of Kundalini is as follows: You may have a problem with the energy at your 2nd chakra (the chakra of creativity) if you notice that your attention span has been poor, your creativity is low, and you have been having lower abdominal or kidney problems. You will be advised to connect with this chakra during meditation and yoga to move and rebalance and unblock the energy.

Kundalini yoga postures can be beneficial to do even if you just want to improve your flexibility. The spine is know as the life-line of all of the chakras, it must be healthy and flexible at all times in order for vital energy to flow through it and not become blocked. Stretches are always done as part of daily kundalini practice. Some stretches that are usually done are:

1. Neck Rolls

Sit on straight with a relaxed spine then roll your head gently in one direction, then down, then in the other direction. Only allow the weight of the head to move it slowly so that tension is released.

2. Spine Flex On Heels

Sit on your heels with your hands on your knees. Flex your spine with a powerful breath and release. Continue for 2 minutes. (This will open up your heart center as well)

3. Alternate Leg Stretches

Sit with your legs spread apart inhale and reach as far as you can down one of your legs. Exhale your breath and inhale again moving your body between your legs exhale and inhale to the second leg.

4. Life Nerve Stretch

Sit with one leg out straight and the other one bent so that the foot is against the knee of the opposite leg. Reach for the straight leg and feel the pull as you inhale deeply and exhale several times as you try to go deeper into the stretch. Then repeat on the other side.

Breathing is emphasized in kundalini yoga. All exercise positions, meditations and even daily tasks should be done with conscious breathing. Breathing is the force behind the energy and power of kundalini. Breathing techniques are done to purify the body and increase, regulate or unblock energy. The Breath of Fire is a kundalini breathing technique that increases blood flow to all of the vital organs, while eliminating toxins from the body. The Breath of Fire also helps to increase lung capacity, (which is important during exercise) as it helps restore the flow of energy through out the body. This video is an example of how the Breath of Fire is performed.

Some of the benefits of kundalini yoga are, stress reduction, weight lose, flexibility and increased awareness and mental clarity. During kundalini practice you will be advised and taught how to eat healthier, sleep better, and cope more effectively with the daily stresses in your life. People who practice kundalini yoga and mediation regularly realize that they are more capable of dealing problems that may arise in life. They also become more in tune with the needs of their physical and emotional self. If you are looking for a method of total self healing and fulfillment, kundalini yoga is what you should try.