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Kids Bored in Summer

Children look forward to summer vacation for the entire school year, and when it finally arrives, they are ecstatic about their newfound freedom. No school, homework assignments, or early morning alarm clocks buzzing in their ears sounds like heaven! After a couple of weeks however, the excitement begins to wane and without a plan, the summer blues quickly become a problem. With a few tips, parents can help alleviate their child’s boredom and keep them active during their vacation.

1. Summer camp

Camp doesn’t have to be a week-long wilderness adventure filled with uncomfortable bunk beds and insect bites. Many areas offer day camps geared toward different interests. Some are educational and some are just for fun. Having a specific date on the calendar already planned for camp gives children something to look forward to doing, and can be a great motivational tool to get through a rough week at home.

2. Play dates

Children get accustomed to seeing their friends at school every day, and summer often disrupts that schedule. Plan scheduled times to get school friends together to catch up on happenings during vacation and to continue to foster the friendship.

3. Pool time

During the summer the temperature is usually very hot or insanely hot with nothing in between, depending on geographic location. The pool is the perfect place to get cool and keep children active as well. Swimming is a fantastic low-impact exercise, and is a great activity for all ages.

4. Family vacation

Family bonding time is important, and a vacation is the perfect time to do it. Whether it is a tradition every year or something new, children always look forward to going away from home with family. The beach, a lake, or an amusement park are all excellent choices for summer excursions.

5. Learning time

Continuing a child’s learning process during a school break is often a challenge since most children do not want to participate in anything that could be misconstrued as school work during vacation. Finding a book to read based on a certain interest, or participating in an extracurricular activity can help stimulate a child’s brain during those dull summer months.

Above all else, try to remain flexible. Remember that it is in fact a vacation and for a young child, having fun is more important than sticking to a rigid schedule.